“An Inept and Corrupt Media Breeds Corrupt Government.”

Four days before the election Nick Deshais writes an article pointing out that Mayor Condon and Frank Straub have been lying about Crime Data in Spokane. This isn’t embarrassing for Condon he could care less about lying to the Public, this is embarrassing to the Spokesman Review who have fed Condon’s lies in story after story. They even did a fluff story about Condon and Straub going to the White House where they both lied about crime going down in his administration. Did Nick Deshais and the Spokesman Review not even bother to check the statements? Were Nick Deshais and the Spokesman Review ever made aware Condon and Straub were lying? THE ANSWER IS OF COURSE YES THEY WERE AWARE!!

(**The Spokane City Council was also aware, I provided them with the same and more.)

For the last 3 ½ years I have continually pointed out that Condon and Straub were lying about the Crime Data. I continually pointed out and provided links to other Departments who like Spokane were feeding there Citizens phony CompStat Data. I even went so far as to make a complaint that Straub and Selby Smith had given Bunk Data to the City Council and the Public regarding Domestic Violence. That complaint was of course covered up and NOT investigated by Teresa Sanders. The Spokesman Review continually writes stories, and rightfully so, about the lack of integrity at the SPD, but no one in Spokane writes stories about the lack of integrity at the Spokesman Review.

I could easily provide documentation for comment after comment I have made pointing out the lies but in the interest of time and space will provide three. I will also provide media images below of just a few of several emails between myself and Nick Deshais where I demonstrated what was going on and he ignored it. Ignored it that is until four days prior to the election. The Spokesman Review because of their lack of journalistic integrity, and because this is such an embarrassment to them will likely go back and delete all my comments in the three links, so read quickly! If they do delete the comments I will post screenshots of the comments.

The links Below will take you to a column written by Shawn Vestal, of Rachael Dolezal fame, on February 13th, 2015 where I not only break down the Bunk Crime Data issue, I also go into how SPD manipulated downward the 2014 FBI UCR data, as well as the recent issue regarding the “Culture Audit”, including why Straub, Condon, and SPD don’t want a legitimate one done.



The link below will take you to a story written by Nick Deshais on March 9th, 2015 where I again point out what is going on with Crime Data. To make things worse I even emailed Nick Deshais to call his attention to my comments and supply him with more information (screenshots below).



The link below will take you to a story written by Rachael Alexander on February 11th, 2015 where in the comments section I again explain what is going on, even pointing out the issue with Straub and Carly Cortright long before it was made public. This link should be interesting to taxpayers since it involves MILLIONS of our dollars, something the Spokesman Review could care less about.

**Let me reiterate the Spokesman Review is unwilling to accept any type of criticism and if history bears out will go back and delete ALL of my comments in the Links above. My wiretaps and bugs placed artfully around the Spokesman Review Building demonstrate their staff is religiously following my blog so as a warning to them if they delete the comments I WILL post screenshots of all of the comments and more.

email 1 Nick D (3)email 2 Nick D (2)

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