You are one confused Jeremiah.



In honor of Nick Deshais I thought it would be appropriate to title this blog post after the shot he took at me on his Twitter page. Kill the messenger remarks like his are typical of someone who knows they have been had. Just to show who is actually confused I will quickly address Rachel Alexander’s story in today’s Spokesman Review two days prior to the election. Don’t get me wrong Rachael did a very good job on the story the only problem is it is way too late and needs considerably more follow-up this story is the tip of the iceberg. As I have continually pointed out the “Golden Goose Fund” needs an AUDIT. As I have continually pointed out Condon and Straub’s hiring of Tim Schwering was a dynamic indicator of the direction Condon and Straub were taking the SPD, focusing on collection rather than protection.

Did the Spokesman Review know there were problems with the Golden Goose Fund months and even years ago, well of course they did. Did the City Council know there were problems with the Golden Goose fund, well of course they did. I will save some the embarrassment of posting the emails. Did they do anything about it? NO!


Seizure Spending in 2013-Per Request of Councilman Snyder

Ms. Cortright reported that in 2013, SPD has spent $172,880.27 and has another $209,726.75 encumbered for a total of $382,607.02. Below is a summary of the funds spent by category.

Confidential funds $36,765

SCSO Helicopter use $35,000

Legal Fees $7,898.23

Software Maintenance $36,809.10

Technology/Equipment $119,750.70

Training $3,000

Travel $4,561.26

Weapons $13,113.73

WSU CIT Training $40,994

Youth Policing Initiative $84,715


Here are just a very few of warning after warning given over and over:


Goose 1Goose 2Goose 3Goose 4Goose 5Goose 6

5 thoughts on “You are one confused Jeremiah.

  1. Der sir:
    I’m not sure this is going to Mr. Breen, so I will be candid.
    I would like to know if you remember a joint downtown called “Condon’s Corner”, a real den of iniquity.

    Could the apple fall any closer to the tree?

    Thank you for your posts.

    Brad H

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    1. I sure do! Owned by Bill Condon, who has since passed. Myself and several other cops and prosecutors played on a recreation league football team sponsored by Condon’s Corner. We had a good team made up mostly of former college players and won the City Championship a couple of times so we did go there. As far as a “den of iniquity” it was a lot like a lot of joints..drugs running through their etc… but the only thing actually tied to Bill Condon was when we made some arrests for after hours gambling their.

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