Needless to say the latest escapade involving the SPD brings out the best in anti-cop diatribe on the comments thread. Don’t misunderstand IF all of the various allegations are true the community has every right to complain. The problem is at this point as in the case of every sexual assault the truth isn’t known, and unfortunately might never be known.

As many people are aware I have the ability to determine exactly who posters are that comment in the SR comment section. It was quite easy to determine that NOT ONE of the people commenting have any experience what-so-ever in the investigation of sexual assault cases so I thought since I have been qualified as an expert on sexual assault in court, have investigated well over 1,000 sexual assault cases, wrote the sexual assault investigative protocol for the SPD, as well as doing detailed analysis of sexual assault cases including serial rape cases, I might have far more insight than any of the individuals commenting. Beyond my investigative background I have spent untold hours advocating for victims of sexual assault and for years volunteered my time to help victims with Lutheran Community Services Rape Crisis where I did a number of things including at one time confronting Anne Kirkpatrick face to face along with the LCS Director regarding complaints about despicable comments an SPD Sex Crimes Detective made to victims in the presence of several victim advocates. So to have two people (Sled) and (Shelalal) question my concern for victims is laughable and simply and attack based solely upon their hatred of all things law enforcement. I will deal with the truth concerning Chase and  Scheldt at a later date including their true backgrounds, the false stories they have made up and posted in the comments section of the SR and why, including questions of perjury false statements and claims, foreclosure, debt judgments, etc. In simple terms putting an end to the honest holier than thou persona they portray on internet blogs.

Let’s start with a few facts as it relates the release of court documents even though I have mentions the issue before.


1) Any Citizen can go to the Court House and obtain the very same un-redacted document obtained by the SR and KHQ. So if anyone really wants to know who the alleged victim is just jump in the car and grab some copy fee money.

a) One of the reasons I pointed out earlier the need to not identify sexual assault victims both children and adults by name or identifiers in search warrant or arrest affidavits.

b) The parties to a search warrant have seven days to object to the documents being placed in a public file every cop knows that because they read it to the individuals when the search warrant is executed. Apparently there was no objection on the part of Ennis or Strosahl so they must not have cared much whether it was in the public or not. The purpose of the rule is to protect both the suspect and the victim.

c) The sexual assault investigators in order to protect the victim, or for that matter the suspect from the facts being made public, could have objected but apparently did not.

d) If a criminal or civil case does go to trial the name of the adult victim will be made public.

2) When the SR or other media does not post a redacted version of the affidavit the readers or viewers are left with a narrative of what the reporter wants to convey which is all too often an inaccurate description of the probable cause presented in the affidavit. A perfect example of what I’m talking about is displayed in the media below where SR reporter Kip Hill posted on his blog how reporters prepare the narrative and tell a story. Despite Hill’s statement that crime reporting is “Easy as pie” and his job “as a journalist is always to provide context by telling a story”, according to friends who are real crime reporters in real markets when I shared his blog post with them, Hill’s perceptions regarding crime reporting might be okay if you are writing a book but not when you are reporting crime. When I brought Hill’s post to the attention of Alison Boggs at the SR her only response was no big deal, I’ll talk to him. I of course maintained those emails.

I could probably go on and on regarding the investigation of sexual assaults, how difficult they are to investigate and why it so necessary to do them right from the standpoint of establishing the facts in the interest of both the victim and the suspect but I will spare you.

Well, checking the SR story today I see it has resulted in the advertising clicks the SR so desperately needs especially with Stacy Cowles apparently wanting a 2 million dollar cut. As expected Addy Hatch who is responsible for what the SR reporters put out offers her typical phony excuse when someone mentions my name. The TRUTH is I embarrass the SR and they haven’t run up against someone willing to take on the local power structure so trying to silence that person is their only option.

Below is a link to a document I downloaded along with many others from the SR website that were un-redacted yet left for the public to see until someone complained and in a lot of cases the complainer was me and I have the emails to prove it. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for not making public cops addresses and phones but it isn’t like the SR hasn’t posted many other people’s in the past so “ericdx” is exactly correct on the SR’s selective policy.

The media below pretty well spells is out Andrew Scheldt with his pig picture and Shelalal the “truth seeker”.

BTW, I haven’t really studied the Twitter Analytics yet but over 5,300 “impressions” seems like it might be pretty good. I imagine it is a diverse group including cops, politicians, reporters, along with John and Jane Q.

Kip Hill Easy as pieHatch Today 1

Hatch Today 2Sled Pig PictureAS In DAA NW Shirt.Shelalal truthShelalal truth 2

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