The sheriff’s office, like many agencies throughout the country, is short-staffed. Higgins said that can’t be allowed to continue forever. Spokane Valley needs more officers and if the sheriff’s office can’t find them, the city will have to consider splitting from the county and forming its own department, Higgins said.

Apparently you aren’t aware that Sheriff Ozzie has spent a lot of taxpayer’s monies to recruit Deputy Sheriff Candidates in order to be in conformity with his City of Spokane Valley contract. There has been a lot of press on Ozzie’s recruitment efforts some of which are very confusing.

One would have to think that before spending any money Ozzie did his research and determined that NYPD only had 34 unvaccinated Officers which basically means only spending around $354.00 per targeted Officer, if his focus was on NYPD Cops, but considerably less if Ozzie was targeting all the East Coast Cops. Perhaps Ozzie had some insight as to how many East Coast Cops spend time in Times Square.

Sheriff Knezovich’s numbers always seem to be somewhat skewed so it is hard to tell whether it was actually “10 New York City police officers that contacted the Sheriff’s Office about its hiring process” or just three from the New York area.

On a bit of a side note I think it is important to remember that the last time a study was done regarding the City of the Valley going on their own with law enforcement the consultants that did the study kind of thought the data Ozzie provided them was bunk data, and the study “Rankled” Sheriff Ozzie.

*** Just a suggestion to Mr. Higgins if you bring up the Bunk Data ICMA Consulting Services said Ozzie provided watch out because you might Rankle Ozzie and he could try to make you “eat crow”! 😊

Another thing I’m sure Ozzie considered before he spent our money was the strong possibility retired NYPD Captain Eric Adams might be elected Mayor of NYC, which he was and has some good plans for NYPD which might make the 34 unvaccinated Cops want to stick around.

It really doesn’t matter what issue comes up with Ozzie and the SCSO you know there will be a video attacking someone, and frequently the Media.

I have a lot of Conservative friends and a lot of Progressive friends, many of my Conservative friends tell me that Ozzie Knezovich isn’t a real Republican like he claims to be and is just all about Ozzie with no concern about the Republican Party, when take a good look at who Ozzie endorses it sure makes you wonder, of course his endorsements might just be out of fear he will look bad if he loses the City of the Valley law enforcement contract.

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