When I was asked to prepare and write the questions submitted to the Washington State Attorney General because of my background and experience with RCW 9.73 in order to obtain an Attorney General’s Opinion regarding Body Worn Camera Laws, several times I expressed my fear that unless accompanying laws were established to punish the inevitable abuse that would take place someone listened.

Whether the agenda is a personal agenda or even a political agenda Conservative or Progressive it was bound to happen and it has here in Spokane with the leak of Body Worn Camera video alleging Africa American Spokane City Council Member Betsy Wilkerson “wasn’t too enthused to help with murder investigation” the allegation, as is often the case for things going on in Spokane got national attention this time on FOX News.

At this point Betsy Wilkerson has made a complaint to the Office of Police Ombudsman which will be forwarded to the Spokane Police Department Internal Affairs Unit and a determination will be made whether to investigate the case or not. IMO, Mayor Nadine Woodward, and Chief Craig Meidl from an ethical standpoint should call for an independent investigation of the issue because of the ramifications involved, or the Spokane City Council should use the power vested in them to have an independent investigation initiated. This is one of those cases where the OPO and OPOC are so hogtied by the Police Guild Contract with respect to what they can and cannot say or do it could end up with the Public not knowing the full details.

It is pretty darn clear that the Officer Brownell’s BWC video was leaked to a very select group of Conservative folks including Kent Adam’s brand-new News Director Sue Lani Madsen – Forthright at his Spokane Talks business, and who according to her own public statements received a copy of the BWC video and certainly would be a witness in any legitimate investigation as would, at least in my view, based upon information I have a few members of Chud Wendel’s Spokane Business & Commercial Property Council group, where the leaked video received a lot of attention.

Here is something Conservatives should think about, “IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU!”

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