“Most journalists frown upon email interviews, arguing they should only be used as a last resort (which is generally the policy of the Inlander).”

Not this journalist…oh wait a second…I’m just a Blogger…sorry about that.

IMO, emails if done properly can establish well documented in context record of what transpired in an interview or interaction, I use email interaction all the time unless someone wants to go off the record. I also do a lot of PRR’s like other media requesting emails and text messages. So, this “Blogger” doesn’t see a problem especially if it is the only way to get the story.

In this particular case I’m going to have to side with Candidate Woodward, if I were her I limit communication between she and Daniel Walters to emails especially when you look at the facts.

There is no question that other reporters noted that Daniel Walters tried to “eviscerate” Woodward right from the announcement of her candidacy and has continued on that course with this story.

I’m not sure folks have noticed that Daniel Walters is often critical of other reporters work and has a reputation for being “condescending” and “talking down to people”, as this exchange between former SR Reporter Rachel Alexander and Walters points out.

The interesting this about the above exchange between Rachel Alexander and Walters is that Walters was actually taking an oblique shot at Woodard for her statements about Downtown Spokane.

Gotta wonder why Rob Curley blocked Walters. 😊

Is it hypocritical for a reporter to criticize a political candidate for wanting documentation of interaction when that reporter himself runs away and blocks people for asking him legitimate questions publicly about his organization’s stories?

What is really funny about Walters blocking me when I was asking questions about the Inlander’s coverage of the Audie fiasco and the MSM not checking Audie’s Washington State LEO Commission statues like I did was this Walter’s Tweet where he actually compliments KREM for doing what I did months earlier… go figure?

You Have to love this Hilarious Spokane Stuff!!! 😊