It never fails I go out of town for a while stop mail delivery while I’m gone and when I get home and mail delivery starts again I end up with a big box full of PRR Responses, anonymous letters containing documents and all kinds of good stuff. I thought I’d start with this story about Ozzie’s Command Staff directing Deputy Steven M. Stipe to commit perjury, and then directing him to write a letter to the Washington State Training Commission regarding Shawn Audie explaining how he was directed to commit perjury.

In case you didn’t notice right after the Inlander and Spokesman Review stories came out regarding Shawn Audie’s situation at Ferris High School, I immediately smelled a rat because I know Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich hates former Spokane County Sheriff Mark Sterk the former District 81 Director of Security, and District 81 Campus Resource Officer Earl Howerton also a former Spokane County Deputy so I knew good ole Oz would somehow try to grandstand the whole incident to make himself look like some kind of a hero and try and put others in a bad light. If you haven’t noticed that’s the way Ozzie works. As a matter of fact, I’m not so sure it wasn’t Ozzie himself who leaked the Audie IA Case to the press.


Sure, as heck my February 2, 2019 story caused an uproar for my followers Ozzie, Mark Gregory and the crew at the SCSO, and things started happening really quickly to cover some tracks.

Like any good investigative reporter, I did the obvious thing and checked to see if Audie was in good standing with the State of Washington. Ozzie knows other reporters around Spokane won’t bother following up on facts, but he knows I will, and he hates that. According to sources Ozzie really flipped his lid when I made this email public.

Look at these great quotes attributed to Ozzie in the SR Story.

“They didn’t ask us any questions,” Knezovich said. “I don’t know if they even did a background check.”

Knezovich also questioned the decision to hire Audie to work around youths.

“Let’s just put it this way,” he said. “I’d recommend that the school district do better background checks.”

Here is the Inlander Story:

OKAY…so here are the facts:

On February 12, 2019 Deputy Steven M. Stipe writes this letter to the WSCJTC, which clearly states “per command staff directive, the reason for separation was ‘retirement’. The poor Deputy signed the NOPOS under the penalty of perjury.

The fact is when District 81 hired Shawn Audie he was in good standing as a Peace Officer in the State of Washington.

There are a couple of things to notice in Stipe’s letter, first note that on 2/4/2019 three days after the Audie stories hit the press “Command Staff” told Stipe to change that sucker, secondly note the last two words under Stipe’s signature “By direction”, makes it pretty plain doesn’t it?

These are copies of the September 5, 2018 and February 11, 2019 NOPOS:

Here is the IA Report that folks in the MSM had lots to say about, if you are interested. It is a typical Tim Hines IA Case. Looks a bit odd to me and I wonder why former LA Cop and now Deputy Theodore Jacobson did not suffer the same consequences as Audie

Here are some Brian Breen quotes for this story if anyone wants to use them:

“Let’s just put it this way,” Breen said. “I’d recommend that the Spokane County Sheriff pay more attention to his own agency rather than stick his nose in District 81, City of Spokane, City of Spokane Valley, and whomever else business and do better compliance with State Law.”