“Our decisions tend to be final and life changing.”


Indeed, they are Ozzie, and poor law enforcement decisions often add fuel to the fire of the Gun Control Issue” especially when the leader of a law enforcement agency isn’t willing to admit a critical mistake was made and instead uses a Murder/Suicide to try and push a new jail agenda.

“Had Deputy Jim Reed arrested Cholewinski for a misdemeanor, Knezovich added that it may not have mattered mostly because of an overcrowded jail, which he contends the 61-year-old would have been let out of within hours of the incident.”

Whether or not the jail was overcrowded, and the length of a jail stay has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the judgement not to utilize Spokane County Sheriff’s Office Policy 417 regarding “Emergent Detentions”.

Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich, meanwhile, said the deputy simply made a judgment call that “didn’t work out.”

No Ozzie it didn’t work out, but it may have if Deputy Reed had considered whether or not he had reasonable cause to believe that Dave Cholewinski person was suffering from a mental disorder or a substance use disorder which presented an imminent likelihood of serious harm or was in imminent danger under the fact pattern described.

 “There’s no type of protocol in these situations,” Knezovich said. “Our decisions tend to be final and life changing.”

Well Oz, the truth is because law enforcement does make law enforcement decisions which are sometimes “final and life changing” agencies develop protocols, policies, and procedures like your Policy 417 which covers his type of case.


I kind of wonder if anyone else is worried about Ozzie’s memory? I sure as heck remember the Sheena Henderson Murder/Suicide that brought about legislation which many Gun Rights folks were very concerned about, and Ozzie also initially refused to fess up and face up

“There’s no way they could have a crystal ball to know,” the sheriff says.


“At the time, he could have been just fine,” Knezovich said of Henderson’s emotional state during the Monday interview with deputies. “Who knows what happened during the 17 hours after we talked to him.”

Although Henderson was a trained officer and discussed his law enforcement background with deputies during the Monday suicide assessment, Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich said it had no bearing on the conclusion that he didn’t pose an immediate threat to himself or others. “It was his statements” about looking to the future, getting on with his life and wanting to be a father to his kids, Knezovich said. “I’ve been on many suicidal calls and they say the same things, and go on to be just fine.”


He then pulled the trigger on himself, even though he promised Spokane County deputies less than 24 hours earlier he did not feel suicidal and would not kill himself, Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich told reporters at a press conference Wednesday.

“He said he would never do that to his kids — they were his whole world,” Knezovich said.

Instead of blaming his deputies, Knezovich believes no mental health training for officers could have prevented Sheena Henderson’s death.

“There’s no way they could have a crystal ball to know,” Knezovich added. “The only finger to point here is at the individual who decided to kill his wife and then himself.”


“There was no domestic violence history,” Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich said of the Henderson murder-suicide. “That only works if there’s a history, if we know what’s going on.”

Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich said he supports both proposals but warned the department lacks the money to take on additional state requirements and that it should include funding for local agencies.

“This cannot be an unfunded mandate from the state,” Knezovich said.


Now here is the real kicker in Jonathan Glover’s SR story!

Knezovich, who’s been critical of a court system that lets “criminals run free on our streets,” according to an email he sent on May 3 to several county leaders, said Friday he didn’t want to speculate on whether his deputy made the right call in not arresting Cholewinski.

Here is a bit of news for you Oz, no you should not speculate but you sure as hell have a responsibility to the Community as the leader of the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office to investigate all of the circumstances surrounding the decision Reed made and determine a number of things, including whether or not Reed was properly trained.

Aside from your responsibilities to investigate you have to consider whether or not, as is often the case, this possibly bad law enforcement decision will end up being a catalyst for bad law!