The ongoing battle between factions trying to get Washington State Legislator Matt Shea removed from office and those supporting him hit a new low on April 30, 2019 at 6:17 PM when an individual who utilizes various Fake Facebook Accounts posted on an Anti-Shea Facebook Group started by Media Sources Tanner Rowe and Jay Pounder shortly after they reported issues with Shea to the Media.

The name of the Facebook Group is “Inland Northwest Politics, Issues, and Events”.

Inland Northwest Politics, Issues, and Events has a somewhat eclectic membership which includes some progressive folks, conservative folks, and indeed gun aficionados.

It is the gun aficionados on both sides that worry me, we sure as heck don’t want a shooting war breaking out.

Unfortunately, the Facebook Post falsely accusing “Shea’s crew” of committing a Felony brought out some of the gun aficionados in the Rowe/Pounder corner, and Tanner Rowe dangerously helps to exacerbate the situation and encourage those folks.

If you went to the link I provided above to the Inland Northwest Politics, Issues, and Events Group you might wonder what the heck I’m talking about. The act is that the FB Page has been scrubbed and former member Jen Anderson has been removed since I exposed that the post was a lie and the poster a FAKE.

You can get a feel for how I exposed the truth on my FB Page. The Fake Facebook account of “Jen Anderson” has of course also been deleted and the “Jen Anderson” comments don’t show up currently, but I do of course have a complete record. It was probably a good idea to do all the scrubbing since it is my understanding that lawyers are now involved, but if it gets to Court if will all be discoverable anyway including the details of the Fake FB Account.

Here is a small portion of my documentation:

Exposing the Fake and the Lie on my FB Page:

A truly common denominator in this battle between factions is Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich, something any rookie crime analyst would be able to establish with even a rudimentary “Link Analysis”.

Knezovich said he had obtained the document and other materials on a flash drive about six weeks ago. “I gave it straight to the FBI,” he said.

“Knezovich said he’s notified the FBI about the recent developments, but noted that the federal agency doesn’t disclose whether or not it’s actively investigating a case.”

There is NO QUESTION Knezovich hates Matt Shea, he has expressed his hatred of Shea over and over in a number of different venues, so it is not at all surprising to find one of Knezovich’s best friends and  sycophants Bob West father of Brandi Peetz a City of the Spokane Valley Council-member and who was terminated from the City of Spokane for among other things electioneering for his daughter is a member of the Inland Northwest Politics, Issues, and Events Group.

Some folks might not be aware that aside from Ozzie and Bob West hating Matt Shea, they also hate Caleb Collier who as Brandi Peetz’s opponent in the last election.

Ozzie and Bob even went so far as to falsely accuse Caleb Collier of writing this anonymous letter he received during that election himself.

I have to admit during that time period I did enjoy Caleb Colliers wife Jill Collier beating up on Ozzie and exposing some lies on the on the Spokane Liberty Caucus FB Page.

In situations like this the question always comes up as to whether or not someone is using a surrogate to post things on social media they want out for the public and the media to see, and I’m sure some folks have in their mind because of Ozzie’s hatred of Shea and Collier would he use a surrogate to disseminate information adverse to both…who knows…but according to one of my sources it sure isn’t beneath him, and the source has supplied me with a lot of evidence that it isn’t beneath Ozzie. As always you of course will have to decide for yourself.

Let me be clear, and I don’t care whether you believe it or not, I’m not a Matt Shea fan, surrogate, conspirator, backer, friend, supporter or anything of the kind. I am however a truth advocate and the very false allegation against “Shea’s crew” was NOT THE TRUTH and was despicable!

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