Gosh…yet another Matt Shea story by Daniel Walters from the Inlander. There have been so many Shea stories all over the Media lately they are hard to keep up with. This one is about a conspiracy to send a severed wolf tail and testicles to some environmental activist. It isn’t clear from the reporting that Shea actually went along with the conspiracy but by golly there may a Pulitzer Prize somewhere in all this coverage of Shea…who knows.

At least now as far as Shea is concerned not only the Media but also the FBI, House Democrats, and possibly the JTTF are investigating Shea so all those folks should be able to come up with something to have Shea either indicted and sent to jail, impeached, or even perhaps help to not get him elected again…we will have to see. But in the meantime, it looks like we can count on endless Matt Shea stories.

I’m not really clear on where we stand on killing wolves whether it is legal in Washington or not, but if it isn’t legal and this Cabal kills a wolf illegally to send body parts to an environmental activist that would be a good story I would think?

With the Print Media struggling financially these days I don’t think anyone would dispute that clicks on Print Media social media sights are helpful in getting important advertising dollars. I don’t know maybe it is a good idea for reporters who do stories to help out the click count but it seems a bit over the top to me.

The character in this Cabal that really interests me isn’t so much Matt Shea, I’m more interested in Anthony Bosworth and his friendly relationship with Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich. You might remember Ozzie was going to be a witness for Anthony Bosworth when he was arrested at the Federal Building, but for some reason Dave Stevens decided not to call him.

Ozzie did answer the beckon call and did show up at the Federal Court House.

We haven’t heard much from Ozzie lately but when I wrote these stories long ago and in true Ozzie fashion he had to try and mitigate my good, very credible and reliable sources down at the Federal Building who weren’t happy with Ozzie sticking his nose in the Bosworth arrest.

One of the interesting things about Anthony Bosworth is that his history pretty much parallels that of Ozzie’s old friend Ed LaStage who Ozzie later admitted was his informant and supplied Ozzie with information on Militia folks which Ozzie in turn passed on to the Feds…so I can’t help but wonder?

Yes, indeed Anthony Bosworth is an interesting fellow!

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