And if you were having a good time at Northern Quest Casino but the good time was interrupted when you had your wallet stolen would you get the same special treatment a good friend of Tracie and Craig Meidl’s, who is also a City employee, did?

Giving special treatment to certain people who are crime victims is something that happens all the time with law enforcement agencies and it is something that they don’t like the public to know about as obviously people who don’t get that special treatment when they are crime victims would get very upset, and in some cases law enforcement agencies will go to great lengths to keep the public from finding out. You can make your own decision whether that was the case with Mayor Condon’s Director of Local Government and Multi-Cultural Affairs Gloria Ocha-Bruck.

The story begins with receiving numerous complaints about the Meidl’s playing favorites with certain people including some of the “Golden Boys and Girls” at SPD, which is not uncommon in any organization Public or Private, and is sometimes hard to prove but many times ends up in civil litigation against the organization like it has so many times in the past for the Condon Administration and most recently in the case I have been reporting on here.


This story has a direct relationship to other stories I have been reporting on that the MSM has not for some reason, because it involves the SPD Patrol Anti-Crime Team.



Most people would think it would be pretty easy for an Investigative Reporter to confirm whether or not the SPD PACT was used for special treatment of a special person simply by doing a Public Records Request, but those people should probably think again after reading this story.

On April 3, 2019 I submitted a PRR requesting the following;

“Please provide any and all reports including arrest reports relating to the theft of property belonging to City employee Gloria Ochoa-Bruck. The theft took place at Northern Quest Casino in Airway Heights and was investigated by SPD PACT. Also please include the CAD/RMS logs for the case.”

Pretty easy right…all SPD has to do is diligently search their data bases for Gloria Ochoa-Bruck, incidents at Northern Quest Casino, or even just go ask the SPD PACT if they made an arrest involving Gloria Ochoa-Bruck’s property. Well…that’s the way it is supposed to work but for some reason it never does for me perhaps because the things I come up with Mayor Condon and Chief Meidl don’t want the Public to know about.

On April 16, 2019 I get this response from SPD Records;

Right away I knew it was BS as I often receive documents Mayor Condon and Chief Meidl don’t want me to have.

When I know the truth and I’m stonewalled by SPD my first move is to contact City Clerk Terri Pfister who is the City of Spokane Public Records Officer and has always been helpful in the past. You can read my email interaction with Ms. Pfister at this link.


Well Ms. Pfister did her job and as you will see got the ball rolling to in my efforts to get to the truth. I should note that Mayor Condon in my opinion has purposely understaffed and underfunded the City Clerk’s Office to make it more difficult for Investigative Reporters and the Public to get to the truth even though he made promises to provide the Clerks Office with more funding after my lawsuit against the City.

“But while the City Council allocated an additional $100,000 for the city clerk’s office in the 2017 budget, little of that was actually spent: Nobody new was hired that year.”

“And delays can breed suspicion: Brian Breen, the cantankerous former cop who settled with the city over the Straub public records delays, still believes favoritism is at play.”

“It entirely depends upon how much embarrassment the document or documents might cause someone,” Breen says in an email. “Those that don’t, I get quickly. Those that do, come at a snail’s pace.”


“cantankerous former cop”…NOT ME!!! 😊

The link below which is an email exchange between Chief Meidl’s employee Badge ID 1249 and me will give you some idea of the battle I continually have to fight with Mayor Condon and Chief Meidl to get to the truth.


Obviously as Yogi says;

More to come!!!