As I’m quite sure that government investigators and lawyers as well as ACLU lawyers and investigators are mining the internet for all kinds of social media posts to either pursue or defend civil litigation, including those posts that have been deleted, I wanted to make sure that my story today was accurate.

So, I shot off this email to CBP Agent Bill Kingsford to make sure I was accurate.

Agent Kingsford responded with this email.

Just so there isn’t any confusion caused by me the authority that CBP uses to conduct the bus checks is derived from 8 CFR 287 in conjunction with INA 287.  The policy and procedures that CBP created are based on a 2002 court case United States v. Drayton.

Even though Agent Kingsford at this point can’t discuss the claim specifically I’m sure he would be more than happy to provide insight to other reporters about how CBP works and their various policies as they relate to their job. It is always nice to have both sides of an issue if both sides are willing to provide it.