“Are you on?”

The 33-page very well-prepared Motion to Suppress regarding United States of America v. Tvar Louis Jackson No. 2:17-CR-169-SAB-1 a copy of which I’ve linked below points out considerably more than just seriously questioning the veracity of members of the SPD Patrol Anti-Crime Team it also may very well offer an explanation of exactly why Mayor David Condon, Chief Craig Meidl, and Director Jacqui MacConnell don’t want OPO Bart Logue and his staff as well as the OPOC to have unfettered access to IA Cases and SPD Body Camera footage.

The motion makes it real clear that despite all the virtue extolling of Body Warn Cameras it really boils down to a matter of the integrity of the Officers wearing the Body Cameras and the accountability process of disciplining Officers who refuse to follow policy. Do Officers often turn off their Body Cameras when there is a possibility that something exculpatory might be discussed between Officers? It is difficult to tell how often it happens if Mayor Condon, Chief Meidl, and Director MacConnell continue in their efforts to hide pertinent information from the OPO, OPOC, and the Public.


Having spent over 40 years doing investigations as an SPD Detective and doing Criminal Defense Investigations, including many at the Federal level, I know full well that once the Defense identifies solid issues involving the integrity of Law Enforcement Officers involved in the case preparing a Motion to Suppress and simply showing it to the Prosecution, or just sitting down with the Prosecutor and telling them what you have will result in something like this.


When you read the actual Indictment of Tvar Louis Jackson it gives you some idea of the kind of people that are back on the Street because of a lack of integrity on the part of Law Enforcement.


It is always better to play the game by the rules, even if it means having to let a real rat walk, there will always be a next time, and bad cases make bad law!  

Here is a little background material to get some folks up to speed. 






As it stands today Mayor Condon, Chief Meidl, and Director MacConnell are not taking the long and well documented problems with the SPD PACT in the least bit seriously and are taking all steps available to them to sweep it under the rug.