Although the Public isn’t aware of it the Condon Administration has a practice of allowing certain people to work from home, others not so much, and the question is whether or not that practice is discriminatory and will lead to yet another lawsuit against the City. The practice is prevalent in the City’s Human Resources Department which as I have reported earlier is under EEOC scrutiny because of Director Christine Cavanaugh’s handling of the City’s HR Department.

Some Background:

Some of you may remember that during my reporting of the infamous Cotton/Straub Affair unlike other reporters I exposed the fact that Monique Cotton as allowed to work from home because of her fear of Frank Straub.

As is always the case with the City of Spokane when I do a Public Records Request, if there is anything embarrassing to any member of the Condon Administration I have to wait and wait to get a response always with the excuse that the City doesn’t have enough staff to ‘promptly” fulfill my request, such is the case with my PRR regarding complaints against HR Director Christine Cavanaugh. Let me be clear that the under-staffing is not the fault of the City Clerks Office, rather the fault of Teresa Sanders and David Condon who as far as I’m concerned know full well that if they under-staff the City Clerks Office the embarrassing stuff will get out slowly perhaps even after their term in office expires.

I don’t always get everything I should in response to my PRRs, but I usually end up getting withheld records one way or another.

As I wait in anticipation of getting the records I have requested from the City of Spokane, I thought it would be a good Idea to share these with you.

In the picture of Mayor Condon above standing behind him and to his right is Teresa Sanders, who according to many City Employees actually runs the City of Spokane…and NOT David Condon.