As the seemingly never-ending battle between Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich, Detention Director John McGrath, and the Board of County Commissioners over control of the Spokane County Jail continues even more allegations continue to fly. From the information and documents, I currently have It appears Ozzie wants the Jail back, and among other things has enlisted the aid of  Lt. Mike Sparber the County  Criminal Justice Liaison for the Spokane County Sheriff Office who has made complaints against Detention Director John McGrath.

 “Everyone is concerned about having a safe community and the most efficient system we can have,” said sheriff’s Lt. Mike Sparber, jail project manager.”

As is usually the case to supplement what I already have it becomes necessary to do one of those feared Public Records Requests in order to get the complete story as well as how much all this mess is costing the taxpayer.

There are many questions that need answered in this mess and hopefully the Public Records Request will help to answer some, although as folks know getting a prompt and timely PRR from Spokane County is like pulling teeth, so we shall see.

Some of obvious questions aside from Ozzie wanting the Jail back are:

  • Will the BoCC fire or demote McGrath?
  • If McGrath is demoted or fired will McGrath via his lawyer Mary Schultz sue the County and Ozzie for big time money?
  • Does Mike Sparber want McGrath’s job if McGrath is demoted or fired?
  • What role if any does the original Fossum investigation involving Phil Tyler have to do with the current complaints?
  • Did Sheriff Knezovich arrange some secret meetings with private citizens adverse to McGrath and Commissioner Al French?
  • And many more!

This could get really interesting so stay tuned!