I thought because of the huge amount of taxpayer dollars involved in our 9-1-1 and Computer Aided Dispatch/Records Management System it would be important to present some facts regarding exactly what is going on. As is often the case when something strange or rotten goes on in Spokane County I’m contacted by folks, including first responders from outside of the local Spokane expressing just how nuts we are here in Spokane. Such was the case in late July of 2018 when I was informed the BoCC were going to hire Steve Reinke as Executive Director of the Spokane Regional Emergency Communications System, basically,the substance of the contacts was “Watch out!”

Needless to say, it is pretty easy for some to do some vetting on new hires especially when we are paying them the big bucks. What you sometimes find is a history involving a lack of success elsewhere, which often isn’t mentioned in MSM reports concerning any hiring and in many cases follow the same problems associated with local projects.















Long prior to the hiring of Reinke some taxpayers asked me to look into the expenditures associated with all the money we originally voted against, but better sales jobs later helped to get the taxpayers on board.





For those interested, including MSM reporters you can get a lot of information at the link below, but no real accounting data. You might also notice the folks on the Emergency Services Communications Policy Board never have an pre-meeting agenda for some reason.

I tried to get some type accounting for all the expenditures but was unable to locate any audits of where the taxpayers money was going and if you review all of the Minutes of SPOCOM/SREC,the money sure as hell is going somewhere…but determining where is impossible,as is where all the previous Crime Check money went and whether or not some of it was spent to re-roof the County Jail.


I even tried to get my hands on the“whitepaper” Sheriff Knezovich requested for former treasure Rob Chase, with no luck and I don’t know if the “white paper” even exists.

Council President Stuckart’s veto-override vote will likely boil down to whether or not Council Members Beggs and Kinnear both of whom are on the Public Safety Committee, vote to override. With both facing elections soon and wanting the union votes their votes could be interesting. As far as Council Member Kinnear is concerned IMO anyone can sell anything to her, so we will see how the sales job went.


“City Council President Ben Stuckart said he already asked the clerk’s office to place the ordinance on Monday’s schedule for a potential veto-override vote and believes the ordinance, which specified who 911 dispatchers could work with and training requirements, is a legislative issue.”


The perfect out for all the City Council is to point out that in fact despite Mayor Condon’s assertions otherwise there is absolutely no accounting of where the taxpayers money has been spent and until such time as an independent audit is done they are going to stick to their guns.

Mayor Condon of course, as is usually the case says he will do whatever the hell he wants as a lame duck Mayor.


“Condon said even if the council overrides his veto, he intends to go forward with integrating county and city 911 dispatchers.”

Some folks are wondering if our lame duck Mayor might be considering a run for a County Commissioners job when they go to five, who knows, but if CMR stays where she is and doesn’t get a job in the Trump Administration which would open the door for Condon, sure as heck a County Commissioners job especially with control over all the 911 money probably wouldn’t be too bad.

When one reads Mayor Condon’s letter to the City Council regarding his Veto it sure doesn’t sound very positive when you look at the language he chose to use.


We don’t have all the details?

(Boy s that ever the truth!)

I’m going to get rid of 10 City Employees?

(I can think of more than 10 exempt hires at 100K plus that would save much more money!)

Has incredible potential?

(Potential…with the amount of taxpayer money being spent “potential” doesn’t cut it!)

Has the potential to reduce response times?

(Once again… “potential doesn’t count…results do!)

To help ensure funds are spent effectively?

(Prove it and let’s see the figures!)

Every reason to expect similar results?

(Every reason to expect exactly what…we expect a lot for our money!)

Admittedly,  we don’t have all the details yet of what an integrated system will look

like, behave, and cost, but we have some very compelling initial information.

we would anticipate laying off in the neighborhood of 10 employees. We wouldn’t have the ability to guarantee them employment with the new integrated system.

This system has incredible potential for improved public safety outcomes for our community.

9-1-1and dispatch functions has the potential to reduce response times by up to 90 seconds- that’s life-saving moments in medical emergencies.

We have three seats on the integrated system board to help ensure funds are spent effectively.                                                                           

We have every reason to expect similar results in emergency  communications.