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As a strong First Amendment advocate and champion for an independent and free press I think it is important to recognize the great job SR Reporter Chad Sokol and Seattle Times Political reporter Jim Brunner are doing to inform the public about the dangers associated with Christianity.

As many are aware it was Chad Sokol who originally exposed what is referred to by the Mainstream Media as “The Shea Manifesto” even though other reporters passed on the story when the document was widely disseminate long ago.

Walters shown document several months ago



“Knezovich said he had obtained the document and other materials on a flash drive about six weeks ago.”

“I gave it straight to the FBI,” he said.


One of the individuals who received a lot of press and interviews as a result of Sokol’s story Tanner Rowe, someone who many suspected as being the source for Chad Sokol’s story, others suspected Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich because if his hatred for Mr. Shea. Tanner Rowe publicly denied he was the source for Sokol’s story.

Rowe SR contaced me

Of course, since a reporter is obligated not to revel their sources we may never know who or what prompted Sokol’s story just prior to the election which unfortunately leads to a lot of speculation, and often unfounded speculation.

No matter where the story originated it is important the tenacity of reporters in getting the word out using every social media platform available is recognized including Twitter and Facebook. The public has every right to know what some apparently believe to be extremist Christian beliefs, and not just the religious beliefs of elected officials but private citizens as well if there is some way to associate those beliefs to the McMorris-Rodgers vs Lisa Brown race all the better.

Here in these Twitter exchanges Chad Sokol and Jim Brunner do a great job of not only of informing the public about Matt Shea and CMR but also former Spokane County Deputy Sheriff Jonathan Hansen.

Sokol Dr. Hansen 1

Sokol Dr. Hansen 2

Sokol Hansen 3


So far just one little miss-identification bump along the way, but other than that a good job of getting their word out.

Sokol Oh jeez thanks

Another great thing about Twitter posts is that they help the public keep track of the money folks are requesting back after they have been contacted by the media and apparently asked for comment, it is a good barometer of the impact the stories have had on informing the public and the donors, which could end up with some Pulitzer Prizes or other reporting recognition.

According to Chad Sokol’s recent Twitter post the count is now up to “No. 5”, which certainly is evidence of the tenacity he and other media have shown.


Running list


Matt Shea describes himself as a Christian, and since an important part of the Christian Faith is bringing joy to others, I would have to believe that Mr. Shea at least takes some solace in all the joy he has brought to our Media Brethren!