French Wondering

As many of you know I often receive information from sources including documents that require me to corroborate things through Public Records Requests, such was the case recently when I received information and documents regarding a Human Resources Investigation of Commissioner Al French for inappropriate conduct toward a female Spokane County Employee. The complaint is old and was from 2012 but I still wanted to look into it just to see what it entailed. Obviously I considered that the source wanted the information public because of the upcoming election and I wanted to take a careful look at the actual HR Investigation to see if it was even worth reporting. Unfortunately, Spokane County apparently does not have any records of the HR Investigation even though according to HR Director Tim Hansen an investigation did take place and HR “found no violation of County policy.”

Lets first take a look at some of the documents I received from sources which are imaged below.


You would really have to be a hermit not to know about all the recent media coverage about sexual harassment, inappropriate conduct in the workplace, and the #MeToo movement so the question has to be whether or not the complaint against Commission French back in 2012 was similar to all those that have surfaced that were originally swept under the rug.

One very troubling area in the available documents is that they seem to indicate that former Spokane County CEO Marshall Farnell and former Spokane County Prosecutor Jim Emacio may have tipped Commissioner French regarding the HR Complaint and he showed up at the Pia Kammers HR interview, which would be pretty typical of how these type of complaints were handled in the past and would support all of the recent complaints made by female Detention Staff regarding HR Investigations.

Yesterday I received this letter attached to an email from Toni S. Atwood closing my PRR and providing me with only documents that I had provided to the County which were attached to my PRR.

I of course responded with this email copying all the appropriate players.

In response to my email to Toni Atwood this email exchange to place this morning between Mr. Tim Hansen and myself.

When records of investigations involving misconduct on the part of Public Officials disappear, are swept under the rug, or a legitimate investigation was never conducted it doesn’t do the Public or the Public Official any good!!!

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