I thought I would provide a little more information as it relates to this Spokesman Review Story since I have been following SPOCOM/SREC for about four years after being alerted to a serious lack of accountability for the way our tax dollars are being spent.

Anyone who has followed this by keeping up on the meetings of the SREC which was formerly named SPOCOM, but they decided to change their name for some unknown reason, knows what a mess this is. Of course, anytime you have a huge pot of taxpayer dollars everyone tries to get their fingers in the pot. There is no public accounting for the millions of dollars tax dollars the County receives each year other than a yearly report that tells you nothing.—Spokane-Regional-Emergency-Communication-Systems?bidId=

The make-up of the policy board is controlled by County folks and Ozzie friends including City of Spokane Valley Council-member Brandi Peetz of Fly-In fame when she does show up for the meetings.

As you can see Gonzaga Security even wants in. I’m not sure I like the idea of Chief Meidl’s friend Phil Tyler having access to a law enforcement radio, but I’ll be interested to see how the interlocal agreement between Gonzaga and SREC ends up. Keep in mind that EWU Cops are Commissioned Law Enforcement Officers and Spokane Public School Cops have limited Commissions and all have gone through background checks, Gonzaga Security obviously not so much. Can’t help but wonder exactly who at Gonzaga Security suggest this to Chief Meidl?

One good way to not only take complete control while at the same time making it difficult to audit previous years of revenue and expenses is to create a  SPOKANE  INTEGRATED COMMUNICATIONS  CENTER PUBLIC  AUTHORITY (SPOCOM), generally when things like this happen somehow during the transfer receivables and payables get lost in the shuffle.

If anyone is interested SREC is hiring:

Council President Stuckart is right on this one, but it remains to be seen if he along with the rest of the City Council will cave in and go along with County Control of the entire shooting match even though 65% of the usage is City usage and the biggest portion of the revenue the County collects is from City taxpayers.

As we all know Spokane is a friendly place and you can always find friends helping friends, especially if there is big money involved.