Wiz pulling back the curtain

Because it is the only way to get to the truth about what government is or in some cases isn’t doing!!!

During recent conversation with another reporter we had a discussion of some of the misconduct, lack of legitimate investigations, lack of transparency, and down right lies I have been able to expose by submitting Public Records Requests and fighting to get records responsive to those requests. I am currently in yet another battle over Public Records Requests I have made to Spokane County which they are making every effort to block and once again I have been accused by Sheriff Knezovich of being a criminal for harassing him and his family by simply requesting Public Records the Public has every right to see, but I will have more on that later as the story evolves, even if I have to write the story from the troubled Spokane County Jail.

This will give you an example of what is currently going on with just one of the Public Records Requests still outstanding with Spokane County:

Threat July 23, 2018 A

Threat July 23, 2018 B

Threat July 23, 2018 C

Re-elect the Wiz

The common denominator in every public records request is lawyers, whether they are the subject of the PRR or are in some way responsible for providing responsive public records, it has been my experience that in some cases when lawyers become involved in Public Records Requests the process slows considerably and often requires going to Court to finally get the truth.

As folks that follow me are aware, to get to the truth I am forced in many cases to do Public Records Requests with local government entities including The City of Spokane, The City of Spokane Valley, and Spokane County to mention a few. Most of the time my PRRs expose quite a bit, and many people in the community read my stories including other reporters, politicians, political activists, candidates for office, and so on. I can always tell when there is an interest in one of my earlier stories because folks begin mining, searching them and reading them on almost a daily basis. That has been true over the last month regarding these stories which resulted from…wait for it…A PUBLIC RECORDS REQUEST!!!





The reason for the interest in these stories becomes pretty obvious when you take a look at your election ballot. The sad thing in the stories is that the City never did an investigation into the issue because when a fair, full, complete and unbiased investigation is conducted usually it won’t come back to haunt someone.