Foot in Mouth Ozzie

As many of the victims of his threats know he spends some time trying to figure out a way to try and intimidate people to prevent the truth from coming out, by threatening all kinds of things, like harassment charges, defamation and libel lawsuits, “weaponizing” Public Records Requests, and anything else he can come up with.


For those of you that aren’t aware, Ozzie’s threat of defamation and libel suits against the women in County Detention Services as a result of this Facebook Post which helped to bring about the Fossum Investigation didn’t do Ozzie much good, because they have talked and have provided documents to the investigator that provide a pretty good picture of how Ozzie ran the Spokane County Jail.



Ozzie’s threatening response didn’t intimidate the women and only served to add to their desire to bring the truth forward.

Threat Ozzie Formal Complaint 1

Threat Ozzie Formal Complaint 2

As you can see from this weekends mail exchange between Ozzie and myself Ozzie is still under the impression that he can threaten and try and intimidate me into not trying to get to the truth.

Ozzie May 20-21 emails 1

Ozzie May 20-21 emails 2

Ozzie May 20-21 emails 3

Ozzie May 20-21 email 4

Ozzie May 20-21 emails 5

Ozzie Attacks on holidays


Although Ozzie has been counseled against the kind conduct documented in the emails above (which are Public Records), he just seems not to be able to help himself.

The reference to “Wiyrick” in the emails is a reference to former Spokane County Undersheriff Dave Wiyrick an individual Ozzie was accused of assaulting which was investigated by the Washington State Patrol. I had to do a Public Records Request to obtain the investigative report regarding that assault allegation which turned out to provide considerable information including Ozzie’s false claim that his election opponent Scott Maclay assaulted his wife Paula Knezovich, that false claim could very well end up being very problematic for Ozzie in the near future. The false claim that Wiyrick paid then Sheriff Mark Sterk a $5,000.00 bribe to get his Undersheriff position may also come back to haunt Ozzie.

You can read the entire WSP Investigation I received in response to my PRR at the links below including Ozzie’s Mirandized formal statement.




There are many interesting things in the WSP Investigation including Ozzie’s statements about his previous election opponent Doug Orr, but I thought I would hit some of the highlights.

The Benton County Prosecutor who acted as a special Prosecutor for the City of Spokane attached more credibility to Wiyrick than he did Knezovich:

Wiyrick more credible


The Bribery claim:

Five Grand for Undersheriff


Despite Ozzie’s well documented allegations in official reports that Maclay assaulted his wife her statements in the WSP report:

Paula WSP report statement


And of course, the hit team:

Ozzie Hit Team



I can’t help but wonder if the Politicians in City Government also think I my PRRs are weaponized and harassing! The bottom line is simple, JUST BE TRANSPARENT AND KEEP YOUR NOSE CLEAN!! 😊