STORY UPDATE!!! WHAT IS A “Public Trust Teaser”???

Ozie Maclay Campaign

We now have some new on the record information regarding the Pump Ozzie Video posted on Ozzie’s Re-election FB Page and the Spokane Valley PD Facebook Page. Ozzie’s friends at “American Patriots Unsung Magazine state that they made the video at no cost to anyone except themselves because Ozzie is their guy.

American Patriots Magazine paid it all

 The video subsequently ends up on Ozzie’s Re-election FB Page giving his followers in this election year the opportunity to comment and tell everyone how they love him, I’m not quite sure what “BM Peets” has to do with it other than that was a fake Facebook Persona Brandi Peetz used to use.

Brandi Peetz fake FB Profile

Ozzie Public Trust Teaser 1

Ozzie Public Trust teaser 2

Ozzie Public Trust Teaser 3

Ozzie Public Trust Teaser 4


As we all know the video also appeared on the Spokane Valley Police Departments Official Facebook Page where folks including Ozzie’s opponent Scott Maclay get to comment. The post remains there as of today, so Ozzie must not be too concerned about a PDC complaint from Maclay or anyone else for that matter otherwise he would likely have his staunch political supporter and Spokane Valley Police Chief Mark Werner remove it after all Ozzie is the top dog.

Werner PDC

Spokane Valley PD 1

Spokane Valley PD 2

One must keep in mind that Ozzie has been involved in PDC Complaints before, so he knows even if one is filed against him not much if anything will happen.

It appears to me that if a complaint is made to the PDC they will have to take a look at whether or not Ozzie’s friends at “American Patriots Unsung Magazine” provided Ozzie with a “In-Kind Contribution”?