Hit Team


Ozzie may be right, perhaps I am delusional because when I go through some of the Public Records I receive sometimes, and for some reason, screenplays or books come to mind. Such was the case during my review of the Washington State Patrol public records which provide clear and convincing evidence that Scott Maclay never assaulted Paula Knezovich, nor was an assault report made alleging such.

Reading Ozzie’s statement to WSP Investigators, what immediately came to mind was a great screenplay or book plot…see what you think!


A newly appointed County Sheriff who is an athletic Mixed Martial Artist, a “Black Belt” in “Tae Kwon Do”, Golden Gloves Boxer, Wrestler, and college football star (The movie “Rudy” comes to mind).

MMA Expert




Mickey Scott, Creach Allen, Lee Rob, Pineapple David, Brook Bank, Oar Douglas, Righty Wrong.


Buff Bryan


The newly appointed Sheriff having been in the Sheriff’s Department for several years decides to take on and expose the corrupt department the previous Sheriff lead. So corrupt in fact that a mere five thousand dollars would buy the position of Undersheriff, and Perry Mason lunches and naps were common place.

Corrupt SCSO

Perry Mason Lunch and Nap

After a series of debacles, which the newly elected Sheriff is directly involved in, someone forms a “Hit Team” to take the Sheriff out.

Orr's Hit Team

Push Confrontation

Hit Squad Image


To stave off a hit the Sheriff follows his Standard Operating Procedure and goes to the County Prosecutor recommending criminal charges against two of the Hitmen, Pineapple David and Righty Wrong, but strictly for political reasons no criminal charges are brought.

No Charges 1

No Charges 2


At a political event in October of 2014 the Sheriff has an opportunity to orchestrate the arrest of Hit Team Leader Pineapple David, something that it would seem he as a Mixed Martial Artist could have easily done without backup, and he opines about not doing so, and waits for his next chance to arrest a Hit Team Leader three years later.

Hindsight 20 20 1

Hindsight 20 20 2

Some years later the Community learns that they were lucky from the standpoint of being taxpayers that not orchestrating the arrest of Pineapple David helped them since the Prosecutor reviewing the case seemed to give more credibility to Pineapple David than he did the Sheriff.

Wiyrick Credibilty


I seriously doubt that material for a book or screen play isn’t going to continue to become available, but the hard time I’m having is whether the screenplay or book should be a Drama or Comedy, perhaps you have some ideas?