Ozzie pants-on-fire


Since I don’t have the resources of a Grand Jury, Inquiry Judge Proceeding, a Search Warrant, or Subpoena power, and one of the main characters in this mess absolutely refuses to answer any legitimate questions I have, I must rely on Official Public Documents to try and get to the truth.

The documents I recently received in my Public Records Request to WSP, aside from establishing that there was no assault of Paula Knezovich by Scott Maclay, were a treasure trove of other information requiring looking into, including Ozzie’s allegation Mark Sterk’s administration was corrupt.

One of the more interesting allegations Ozzie made in his official statement as a suspect in the assault of David Wiyrick was the conflict that exists between Ozzie’s statement that Wiyrick was a liar and he presented a case to Prosecutor Steve Tucker showing Wiyrick and Ron Wright to be both liars. That case resulted in a tremendous amount of taxpayer’s dollars being spent to prove Wiyrick and Wright liars, including one heck of a lot of Ozzie’s own time trying to prove his point.

I can’t help but wonder how much time and taxpayer’s dollars have been spent by Ozzie trying to prove I too am a liar or guilty of some type of crime. There seems to be a pattern on Ozzie’s part to use the color of law to make things difficult for some people.

Since Ozzie was a suspect in the assault of Wiyrick, which was reported by David Brookbank to police, it would make sense that Investigators would delve into his relationship with Wiyrick, and Ozzie would as a law enforcement officer be required to answer their questions fully and honestly, but here is the problem I run into with Ozzie’s statement to WSP Investigators. As you can see from the images below Ozzie specifically states no charges were filed against Wiyrick and Wright because then Prosecutor Tucker wouldn’t go with the charges because Ron Wright was involved in a recall petition against Tucker and it would look like retaliation.

Ozzie WSP Statement 1

Ozzie wSP Statement 2


Since the allegation Ozzie was making against Wiyrick and Wright involved their conduct in a Murder Investigation I can’t imagine Steve Tucker making a statement to anyone that he refused to file charges was out of a fear of retaliation, but I can’t disprove at this point that Tucker didn’t make that statement to Knezovich.

What I can do at this point however is demonstrate a real conflict in Public Records made by Police Officers. Spokane County Sheriff Sgt. Richard Gere in his official closing of the case reports this:

Gere Report


The reality is, which official document do you believe, Ozzie’s or Gere’s. In Ozzie’s official statement to the WSP, and like Ozzie does with me, he never did answer Lt. Lantz’s specific question “Did the prosecutor tell you whether the, the charges were warranted? Didn’t give you a decision?”

Lantz decision


Ozzie after receiving his Miranda warnings before giving the WSP his statement chose not to have a lawyer present. I can’t help but wonder at this point if he would have been better off with a lawyer present.