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I have mentioned this before, but to put things in perspective notice how many times Sheriff Knezovich states under oath in his official report that Maclay assaulted his wife. Anyone reading his report, or the Deputies he ordered to arrest Maclay might have been lead by Knezovich to believe that Maclay was a dastardly women beater and was deserving of going to jail, which in my opinion was his intent.

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Assaulted Wife 1


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As some of you know I have been searching high and wide trying to find an assault report or any evidence Scott Maclay assaulted Paula Knezovich.

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Houchin regarding Paula K Assault

Today the search ended when I received my PRR response from the Washington State Patrol. I suspect at least two gentlemen will be interested in the results. I should add that WSP was diligent and quick in their response.

The truth is, there was never a report made to WSP alleging that Scott Maclay assaulted Paula Knezovich, beyond that there is NO EVIDENCE that Scott Maclay has ever assaulted Paula Knezovich… a bit of a dynamic twist… right Ozzie?

Paula Statement to WSP