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Despite what people might think of Scott Maclay, whether it be Gadfly, Provocateur, Terrorist, Liar, Delusional… or whatever, no Citizen is deserving of being falsely accused and arrested if the motivation is based on “radicalized hatred” and not the truth. It could happen to anyone, and we must guard against it happening. To be clear, I am not saying Sheriff Knezovich’s arrest of Maclay was without cause, that is a judgement for someone else to make, and in this case the decision has been left with Pend Oreille County Prosecutor Dolly Hunt, because of the conflict of interest between the Spokane County Prosecutors Office, and the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office. I should have a return on my PRR to Pend Oreille County later this month, which hopefully will include Prosecutor Hunt’s decision whether to prosecute Maclay or not.

After reading Sheriff Knezovich’s sworn report of his arrest of Maclay, which he made on September 26, 2017, two things jumped out at me based upon my having read and reviewed thousands of official law enforcement reports. First was the Sheriff’s sworn statement that Maclay assaulted his wife at an event in October of 2014, because it was quite clear from the reports that his Deputies who were involved with him in his arrest of Maclay took Knezovich’s information to heart, as any cop would, that Maclay assaulted Paula Knezovich and included that information in their official reports. Second in Sheriff Knezovich’s sworn report he also stated that that there was a yearlong investigation into “death threats” Maclay had made against him. The Deputies involved in the arrest documented what they were told by Knezovich in their reports. Without reveling information, I have received from sources, let me just say that I’m quite sure at this point that the Deputies involved are glad they made it clear that the arrest was Knezovich’s and they were ordered to arrest Maclay by Knezovich, since the arrest of Maclay could very well end up in a civil litigation against Spokane County.

Walker Report

Powers Report

Simmons Report 1

Simmons Report 2

Walker Sept 26


The original Maclay arrest report is linked below, however I am aware that the Pend Oreille Prosecutor in their review of the arrest did require the re-interview of some witnesses, so it will be interesting to see the results of my PRR to them.

So, let us get into some non-delusional, non-conspiracy theory facts!

Based upon my background and experience I submitted a PRR requesting responsive documents regarding the Sheriff’s sworn statement on September 26, 2017 that a yearlong investigation into death threats Maclay had made against him had taken place. As is the case when government folks don’t want you to know things I had to jump through hoops, including an appeal to get the documents we all have a right to. I was at first denied access to any responsive documents based upon what was purported to be an ongoing investigation.

Although I have considerable documentation as to what transpired I think just three images will give you a good idea, take note of the name Detective McClary who will come up later in this story.

Denial Death Threat

Ellis email McClary

Ellis email McGinn


The only thing I received in response to my PRR was a Crime Check Harassment complaint made by Ozzie’s friend Barb Howard, which is linked below, and is a far cry from the yearlong investigation Knezovich swore under oath on September 26, 2017 had taken place. If you think this PRR stuff is a cakewalk you gotta another think coming! 😊



At this point, it is clear that there was no official police report regarding a yearlong death threat investigation entered into the City/County Records Management System.

If you have been doing investigations as long as I have you learn to anticipate how individuals will attempt to justify their statements, especially those made under oath, and of course I fully anticipated exactly what moves Ozzie would make.

Because I anticipated Ozzie’s move I included records of Federal Agencies as you can see below, I even submitted an FBI FOIA. I also suggested to my co-conspirator Scott Maclay that he do the same since he was the target of any investigation, Maclay did just that.

Federal State local


When I was tipped that last week Ozzie had a meeting with the US Attorney and skipped the taping of his infamous radio show what transpired today was inevitable.

At 10:05 AM today I received a call from my co-conspirator Scott Maclay which lasted 1 minute and 9 seconds. Maclay advised me that the FBI had showed up at his house and wanted to interview him regarding the alleged death threats and bounty on the Sheriff’s life. Maclay even put the conversation on speaker phone, as any co-conspirator would so the LEOs could hear what I was saying. Aside from a little joking around about an old FBI story I have, I did suggest to Maclay, as I would anyone in most cases to lawyer-up before he talks, which I think he did. The Agents were Special Agent Jennings from the FBI, and Detective McClary from the SCSO both of whom are currently assigned to the local Joint Terrorism Task Force. Maclay did provide them with my phone number as it appeared they wanted to interview this co-conspirator as well. According to Maclay this is the first time anyone has attempted to interview him regarding the Sheriff’s allegations.

At 11:15 AM I received a call from Jennings and McClary which lasted 4 minutes and 13 seconds. The purpose of the call was to set up an interview with me but it lasted a little longer than necessary because of some joking around we did.

At approximately 12:10 PM both Jennings and McClary arrived at my house for the interview. My wife had made a fresh pot of coffee for them but neither was interested. The interview was somewhat disappointing to me because, as I explained to Jennings and McClary, I was hoping the interview would last long enough to get me out of some “honey dos” my wife was demanding of me, unfortunately it didn’t last long enough…oh well. This of course wasn’t the first time I’ve been interviewed by the FBI or other Federal Agents, and I did tell them some old stories about those interviews which evoked some laughter. I won’t get into the details of the interview, I’m sure their reports will accurately reflect what transpired, likely without the joking around. I don’t know whether or not Jennings and McClary came to the conclusion I am delusional, a conspiracy theorist, or in cahoots with Maclay, but if they did it will likely be in their report.

One interesting thing I did learn from the interview is that the investigation regarding these allegations didn’t start until around March of 2017…you can draw your own conclusions as far as that is concerned.

Well heck… false, delusional, fake news, designed to undermine the efficiency of the Sheriff’s Office and the Sheriff’s ability to serve the people of Spokane County, or just someone willing to get the truth out regardless of intimidation and defamation? That is for my readers to decide… as for me, and to quote Shakespeare “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”. 😊

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