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As you can see from the images above Ozzie in full uniform and representing Spokane County, apparently with the blessing of the Board of County Commissioners, with the Public Radio Show hyped as;

“The Sheriff’s Report is your own personal radio call from Spokane County Sheriff, Ozzie Knezovich. In his weekly radio conversation, our sheriff sits down with local and visiting leaders in the public safety arena to find out what is working to make our communities safer.”

As a staunch supporter of good and honest law enforcement and public safety I certainly don’t have a problem with a radio show that informs our community on how to “make our communities safer”, I do however object to a Spokane County sanctioned radio program used to vitriolically publicly attack and intimidate citizens, preaches religion, and more often than not deals more with politics rather than actual public safety issues. If you listen to or read the transcripts of the radio show you may draw the same conclusion. Without question public employees have a right to free speech, although it is somewhat more restricted than that of John/Jane Q.

My guess is that if a private citizen did bring a slander action against Spokane County and Sheriff Knezovich the Board of County Commissioners would try hard to disassociate the County from Ozzie’s radio show citing case law regarding a public employee’s right to free speech, including the SCOTUS decision in Pickering v. Board of Education which basically would require the County to show that the statements made were subjects of “public concern”, something that has to be decided on a case by case basis. The problem for us taxpayers as I see it is that the Board of County Commissioners, at least that I can find, has never made a public pronouncement disassociating the County from Ozzie’s radio show so proving the County didn’t condone Ozzie’s radio show might end up being difficult to prove.

Recently, aside from myself, some of the victims of Ozzie’s radio show intimidation and vitriol include such celebrities as Matt Shea, Rob Chase, John Christina, and Scott Maclay four individuals whose political ideology, as a Curmudgeonist, I don’t necessarily share. Members of the Curmudgeonist Party could care less about political ideology, a raw deal whether it be a Republican, Democrat, or Curmudgeonist is none the less… a raw deal, and my job as an Investigative Journalist is to bring raw deals to the public’s attention.

One of the things I have learned in well over 40 years of doing investigations, as a Police Detective, Defense Investigator, and now an Investigative Journalist is that the closer to the truth you get efforts to intimidate, and defame you intensify and escalate. For the most part, leaving other Deplorables out of the equation, I have decided to give you an example of just how in my case the intensity has escalated.

For folks that aren’t aware I reached Celebrity Status as a Deplorable back on February 8th, 2017 when Ozzie mentioned me by name on his radio show “Sheriff’s Report” after the Ozzie/Buff Episodes. He also included the proverbial “Call to Arms “or “BOLO” if you are into Law Enforcement terms, when he made this very public statement.

This is a transcript of Ozzie’s public statements:

“You have a group of individuals in the Spokane area that just want to tear law enforcement down, they want to tear down any aspect of it almost, City Police, Sheriff’s Office, you know there is an individual by the name of Brian Breen that is working his best to… to try and do that type of effort and the problem is 90% of what he puts out is not factual or true… um I had a meeting with the man and pointed that out to him, it was actually an amazing meeting but it saddens me that you have these type of people that want to tear down good hard working individuals that do a great job for their community and folks maybe it’s time for you to step up and say enough we’re done with this quit trying to smear the people that are out there trying to do a good job. That’s a little bit of editorializing on the last piece, I hope you found the discussion on hiring an interesting one, but I do ask you it’s time for you to stand up and say it is unacceptable.”

If you are wondering how you and your spouse deal with a “BOLO” such as the one above, the only thing you can do is to go unarmed in public, obey the law, do the speed limit, and if you are stopped by a LEO do everything you are ordered to do, including keeping your hands in sight. Also take heed of the warnings you receive from others regarding someone’s instability, including any record of accusations of assaultive behavior at public events.

Ozzie’s efforts to intimidate me began back in 2016 with this email exchange after my Ryan Holyk story when I pointed out the obvious facts… I wonder exactly who he got back to? 😊

Ozzie BOLO 1BOLO 2

To be clear I always offer Ozzie a chance to comment on my stories as he requested. Despite that fact and in an obvious effort to intimidate me, “under the color of law” I might add, Ozzie sends me this email.

Haskell Harassment Charges 1

When a LEO makes an absurd and false allegation, including injecting himself by questioning the veracity of a critical witness in a high profile murder case, the options are limited, so like John Christina, a guy has to lawyer up at his own expense.

Lawyer Up Wetzel


So far, no criminal charges against me, I haven’t been interviewed, or arrested, and no official reports alleging Harassment that I’m aware of, but I suppose Ozzie could always make one, better late than never, as they say.

I gotta wonder how many times Ozzie goes into Larry Haskell’s office in an effort to have criminal charges brought against people he perceives are his enemies? One rather infamous effort on Ozzie’s part to have criminal charges brought, was his failed attempt to have Ron Wright and Dave Wiyrick charged with a crime, that of course went nowhere.

Ozzie does answer some of my requests for comment, but they are usually the god ole “Fake News” something along these lines;

Peers inept dishonest corruptFake News performance when Detective



BTW, I do agree with the “Arrogant”!

The way I was trained, and trained when I did training, is that a LEO is required to make official reports to protect themselves and the agency, and yes of course even when it comes to suspected crimes, and even civil issues. Although Ozzie disagrees with the well-known and long-standing requirement, the requirement must just pertain to his Deputies and NOT him.

No Report 1No Report 2Marske IA Finding


Like I mentioned you can always tell when you are getting closer to the truth, people try to start digging up dirt on you, and pass it around to anyone they can find here is but one example;

This is Mr. Breen

Even more telling is when someone shows they are running scared;

What about publicaly spreadingWow Oz


I know this story was somewhat long, but look at it this way, I only included a small portion of the documentation I always provide with my stories.