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Obtaining reports and records which support Sheriff Knezovich’s official report regarding the arrest of Michael Scott Maclay has been challenging to say the least. One would think if there was in fact a year long investigation of death threats and a bounty placed on the life of Sheriff Knezovich the reports regarding that year long investigation would be right at Spokane County’s fingertips, after all an elected Public Officials life being threatened doesn’t happen every day in these parts. If an investigation did take place you would expect to find a load of police reports including witness interviews, recorded statements, surveillance reports, suspect interviews and all kinds of other documentation especially when you consider the SCSO Reporting Policy.

At this point, in response to my October 28, 2017 which was a request for the records of this year long investigation I have not received any responsive records from the Spokane City/County Records Division. On November 4, 2017 in response to my October 28, 2017 PRR I did receive one unresponsive document (even though my PRR was very specific) from the Spokane City/County Records Division, that document was just the arrest report of Michael Scott Maclay, which obviously I already had.

The way it works is the Records Clerk will conduct a database search based upon the involved individuals’ names, DOB, addresses, etcetera, or a report number if it is available and then provide requestor with a copy of the report. Assuming the Records Clerk preformed the required diligent search, it means there is NO POLICE REPORT regarding a year long investigation of death threats made by Scott Maclay against Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich. My original PRR went to the County who in turn forwarded it to the Spokane City/County Records Division, just to make sure no report exists it was necessary for me to do another PRR directly to the Spokane City/County Records Division so there can be no mistake.

Death Threat PRR Police Records

Some folks not familiar with how the Criminal Justice System works might wonder why establishing these facts or non-facts is important, in this case the answer is simple Sheriff Knezovich in his official report states that upon arriving at University High School at approximately 13:20 hours and observing the presence of Scott Maclay he immediately advised his Deputies “that for over the past year there has been an investigation concerning alleged threats Maclay has made concerning my life” and “that approximately month ago Maclay placed a bounty on my head”.

PRR year long investigation 2

It is quite clear from the reports made by Deputies involved in the arrest of Maclay that the information Knezovich gave them was used by them as an element of reasonable suspicion/cause to interact with Maclay.

Walker report

If the information the Deputies received from Knezovich regarding a yearlong death threat investigation was not true, as it certainly appears that his statements about his wife being assaulted are, it could very easily, among other things, taint Knezovich’s arrest of Maclay, a man he clearly despises, and would be quite problematic for any Prosecutor if charges were filed against Maclay and Knezovich was forced to take the witness stand.

Beyond a criminal case, it would also be very problematic in any subsequent civil litigation that might arise from the Maclay arrest. If there is a subsequent civil litigation against Sheriff Knezovich and Spokane County, it of course would be on the taxpayer’s dime so IMO it is important to attempt to get the facts and the truth as soon as possible.


There is quite a bit of speculation on the part of very seasoned investigators I often interact with that ultimately, the only thing I will end up with because of my PRR is a boat load of Facebook/Twitter posts, innocuous emails, and no real investigative reports into a year long death threat investigation into death threats. I’m hoping that doesn’t turn out to be the case, but we shall see.