Ozzie is somewhat notorious for reacting to media stories that he feels don’t put him in a good light, whether it be the Spokesman Review, The Inlander, TV Folks, or me. Well as you can see from our email exchange today once again it is this humble reporter he chooses to take a shot at.

I always offer Ozzie a chance to comment or correct anything in my stories, up until today he has been completely ignoring me, however today something must have really set him off, so he gave me (rhetorically speaking) the wrong end of that shotgun he keeps by his bed because of Maclay.

Some of his emails are just plain…well…crazy!

This one in particular is comical to me, although it might not be too comical if used in a criminal or civil case:

Dec 29, 2017 Ozzie email 3

Dec 29, 2017 Ozzie email 4

It is hard to say if Ozzie was referring to the 1981 movie starring Paul Newman and Sally Fields which did deal with libel and journalism, or this:


Public figure doctrine (absence of malice)

In the United States, special rules apply in the case of statements made in the press concerning public figures, which can be used as a defense. A series of court rulings led by New York Times Co. v. Sullivan, 376 U.S. 254 (1964) established that for a public official (or other legitimate public figure) to win a libel case in the United States, the statement must have been published knowing it to be false or with reckless disregard to its truth (also known as actual malice).

Under United States law, libel generally requires five key elements: the plaintiff must prove that the information was published, the plaintiff was directly or indirectly identified, the remarks were defamatory towards the plaintiff’s reputation, the published information is false, and that the defendant is at fault.



My best guess is Ozzie was referring to the “Public figure doctrine” as a veiled threat to me that he might sue me. Kind of like the lawsuit Ozzie helped Travis Pendell bring against Deplorables Matt Shea and Scott Maclay in which I have no doubt the “Public figure doctrine” will come into play.


Heck, after 40 plus years in the investigative business I’m so used to threats it has become second nature for me to just say; “Poop or get off the pot Dude!”, you will just love the counter suit and I ain’t no “Public figure”.


Yes, it is true, reporters do sometimes work on Holidays… and weekends. I think the public photo of Ozzie and his wife Paula is kind of sweet and humanizing. Maclay of course types every word for me and has final edit authority on all my stories, and where in the hell is that assault report Ozzie…records doesn’t have it have you got it hidden away somewhere? Okay…got it the Death Threat Investigation has exceeded a year and is ongoing…so cough up the reports!

Dec 29, 2017 Ozzie email 1

Dec 29, 2017 Ozzie email 2

So, Ozzie just tell all of us exactly when and where Maclay assaulted you wife and simply cough up the Assault Report…it’s a really simple concept?

Dec 29, 2017 Ozzie email 5

Dec 29, 2017 Ozzie email 6


Where in the hell is the Death Threat Investigation Report Ozzie? The Pend Oreille County Prosecutor doesn’t have it, the Spokane County Prosecutor Doesn’t have it, and Records doesn’t have it, so who the hell does have this mysterious report Ozzie?

Dec 29, 2017 Ozzie email 7


The truth is when Ozzie overtly displays his “radicalized hatred” for all the Deplorables, including recently in front of witnesses, he not only makes a fool of himself but also his entire office and the good Deputies therein, to say nothing of the Prosecutors Office. We Deplorables are going to have to get together and compare notes on how many times Ozzie has gone to Larry Haskell trying to get one of us charged with a crime like Ozzie recently did with me… I bet it will take me all the upcoming weekends and Holidays to PRR all of those meetings! 🙂