Inlander The Fuzz

  1. I’m not sure what anyone would expect Meidl and Condon to say publicly…other than…” Dog gone it!” I still can’t figure out why folks can’t grasp the FACT that it was former Mayor Mary Verner’s written request to ask DOJ to look at the SPD which got the ball rolling and NOT Condon and Straub.


  1. There are many things I could comment on, but I will for the most part refrain. For Folks that don’t recall former SPD Chief of Police Anne Kirkpatrick was John Urquhart’s Undersheriff for a short 18 months when all the stuff began to surface. In my opinion it was Kirkpatrick who started the downward slide of SPD.


  1. Could it be the adverse DOJ Audits of Federal money given to the SPD in the past for staffing certain programs, or is it because the new head honchos feel Spokane is a “Sanctuary City”?

  1. This one is a no-brainer and especially for anyone who has investigated hundreds upon hundreds of Rape Cases. Simply show the same compassion you would for any victim, be completely objective and honest with the victim, there is never a reason to disbelieve a victim unless there is sound, solid, and corroborative evidence to prove you shouldn’t.

I could probably go for days on this one, but you get my point.


  1. If people only knew how many serial rape cases might be solved if some for once decided that rape is a horrendous crime and tougher than a murder to investigate!


I have lots of things in the story file, just waiting for some PRRs to come back and you know how that goes. One interesting story will be regarding an upcoming murder case where hatred toward an individual by one elected official has resulted in an effort to keep Justice from being served.