The City Council either has to accept or not accept the Freesmeyer Patrol Staffing Analysis.

Not accepting Freesmeyer’s Patrol Staffing Analysis will require some backbone because a large majority of the Citizens of Spokane have been led to believe that SPD is understaffed, whether they actually are or not is a big question that needs answered but certainly can’t be based upon Freesmeyer’s Analysis.

The first question the City Council should have for Mayor Condon, Craig Meidl, and Justin Lundgren is where did you come up with this Freesmeyer fellow especially in light of the fact that COPS/DOJ recommended a staffing analysis of SPD and did not limit the staffing analysis recommendation to just the Patrol Division?

Did Craig Meidl, Justin Lundgren, or someone else attend one of Mr. Freesmeyer’s training secessions and decide he would be great for SPD? 😊





Since COPS/DOJ got the ball rolling why haven’t Mayor Condon, Craig Meidl, and Justin Lundgren not bothered to evaluate some of their extensive research library?

COPS DOJ Staffing




So, just how long is this $38,000.00 Etico Solutions contract going to extend?

“A final report from Tim Freesmeyer, a researcher and consultant who has performed similar studies of staffing needs at law enforcement agencies in Bellevue, Snohomish County and elsewhere throughout the country, is expected sometime within the next 30 days, Coddington said, and Condon would have further thoughts then.”


https://files.acrobat.com/a/preview/4db3b099-59a5-4ee6-8ce8-1772f5a5bc15 (Contract)

https://files.acrobat.com/a/preview/f8bf921b-f454-4b62-a2a2-152d22d7b48e (Extension)


Another question the City Council should be asking is why Freesmeyer pushes “Pitman Staffing” every time he does one of these? We know the Cops love it and certainly a Consultant’s recommendation to use it helps during union contract negotiations.


  • No employee works more than 3 consecutive days
  • 3 day weekends, every other week
  • If an employee takes 2 vacation days on one of the 2-day work weeks, they get 7 days’ off
  • Work days = approx. 15 days a month, 182 days a year (not including time off, personal, etc.)
  • If switching between night and day shift on 4-week rotation, you have a 3-day break prior to the switch… more time off
  • Kelly time accumulation to use later – approx. 104 hours a year


Okakland Interest Arbitration Freesmeyer


The City Council has to ask themselves as well as Condon, Meidl, and Lundgren whether or not we are getting our $38,000.00 worth from Mr. Freesmeyer, or is it the Guild that is it the Guild that might be reaping the benefits?

Remember when I mentioned “boilerplate” in a previous story? It is pretty easy to figure out when you review all the previous work and see the same things over and over. But even a novice at this kind of stuff would have caught it right away without having to review Freesmeyer’s previous work.





When you use the same PowerPoint presentation over and over again sooner or later someone is going to catch you and it is always a good idea to clear the properties on your PP Presentations, and you should check your PPP to make sure that there isn’t any evidence it is just a “boilerplate”.

Spokane PowerPoint Presentation (Ooops BPD instead of SPD):




Bothell PowerPoint Presentation:

Bothel BPD image



It is all the same stuff, same justifications, same “stuff” (for lack of a better term) everywhere Mr. Freesmeyer, you are going to have to change it up for the next one.

PP Presentation to the Bothell City Council:


For the folks that were present at the “Special Meeting” of the Spokane City Council… You might enjoy this!



Yes Mr. Freesmeyer was a Cop for 10 years, on a small department, in the small City of Normal Illinois, but left ostensibly to pursue this type of business. There are lots of folks out there that do this type of stuff… some good… some not so good.


As I’ve stated time and time again SPD needs another complete staffing analysis for the entire Department not just the Patrol Division. The problem is that it may be too late to accomplish prior to the finalization of the 2018 Budget, and great consideration has to be given to the ongoing Police Guild negotiations which very well could result in a big salary increase for the Unions.