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There is a lot of interesting stuff in the IA Summaries but only if you know what to look for, for example considering the Officer Scott DV case one might find this summary interesting from a number of different aspects. In the summary below you see that a SCSO Deputy made a complaint against an SPD Cop who had ask to Deputy to stand down during the Deputy’s Domestic Violence investigation so that the City Cop could put a tracking device on the suspect’s vehicle.


Even a novice investigator could figure out that there might be some problems going on between the SCSO and SPD, although they would of course deny it. Beyond that Washington State requires that a warrant be obtained in order to place a GPS tracking device on a vehicle. Only a small part of the Deputy’s statement is included in the summary, and it happens to be a part that gives rise to the unfounded finding. Had the entire IA Report been posted as has been done in the past, many of the obvious questions might have been answered and there wouldn’t be a need for a reporter to do a PRR.

I find it a bit amazing that that SPD couldn’t handle the redaction of just 48 IA Cases in 2016, especially with that new fancy redaction software we bought for them… I got bridges for sale!

Interestingly Chief Meidl when confronted by a reporter about IA Summaries instead of Full IA Reports being posted says the OPO was all in about just summaries being posted. The truth is the OPO was apparently at one point okay with it, however upon his further investigation will be making a recommendation to SPD that IA Cases in their entirety be posted as in the past. Perhaps Chief Meidl should pay a little more attention to what is going on at OPOC meetings.

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Although I strongly disagree with Council Member Beggs on the Debra Conklin issue, I whole heartily agree with his statements in these Inlander Stories.



Good questions, but I can tell you from experience you really have to pin this guy down. Of course, when you do you run the risk that he will refuse to respond to you in any way! Get your antennas up on this one!

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