Here is a link to the IA Case, when you read it you will see why it was a big secret.

I had to do a conversion from PDF to Word, and then back to PDF so it is a little disjointed but you will be able to get the drift!

I  wonder if SPD will ever post it on Tim Schwering’s Website?

It ain’t pretty!!!

I received a Disc in the mail today from the City Clerk which contains the IA Investigation or lack thereof involving Mell and Lydia Taylor which SPD wanted to keep from the public, and up to this point was able to. The IA Case number is 14-053.

I a link for my readers to draw their own conclusions as soon as my Adobe Document Cloud is working properly, I’m having trouble getting a link for some reason. Once I have an opportunity to study the report I’ll write a follow-up story. Just a cursory review demonstrates to me why SPD did NOT want it public. I should note that I was aware of the Oregon DEA case long before the involvement of the Taylors was public, and the Taylors weren’t the only cops involved in the case.

If you recall my email interaction with Officer Teresa Fuller, I just wanted the IA case number, and an explanation why it wasn’t posted on Tim Schwering’s IA Website.

As you can see from the screenshots taken just prior to writing this story the Taylor IA report was and still is as an Administrative Suspension.

  • Administratively Suspended – A complaint that is closed because the investigation is unable to proceed any further at a point prior to the review process (i.e. Involved officer quits/retires, complainant does not cooperate with the process, complaint involves the elements of a crime that is in the process of prosecution, etc.)

The case of course was anything but “Administratively Suspended” and it resulted in Condon and Straub keeping a “Brady Cop” which never should have happened.

I think the facts are pretty clear that SPD was hoping that it would be just the local press writing a few stories, without really getting into what the case really means. Officer Teresa Fuller sure as hell didn’t want to make it easy for me to get a copy.

IA AS Defined

IA 2014 SC

I wonder if the Arleth IA Case which is complete will be the same old story!

Email to Fuller re Arleth


4 thoughts on “PRR UPDATE LYDIA & MELL TAYLOR!!!

  1. Are they all dirty?
    From the prosecutor’s office on down through the ranks of SPD, the crooks run rampant!
    Thanks for the follow up on this case, Buff! No other media source will fully report on on. Wonder why?

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