I’ve been holding off on this until the Freeman School shooting subsided at least a little bit, but two City Council Members, Lori Kinnear and Breean Beggs, are letting fear of the wrath of the “Shaded Lady” stand in their way of doing the right thing. The question is, are they afraid that OPOC Chair Deb Conklin’s very liberal backers, which make up a big part of their own election constituency, will be unhappy?

You can see some of that wrath, which several others have experienced, displayed on the video of the September 6th, 2016 OPOC Meeting starting at the 11:37:29 mark.

Shaded Lady 1Shaded Lady 2


“How shaded you are in particular on this commission.”


If you happen to watch the entire video you might notice Member Ladd Smith’s comments about being interviewed by the City Council prior to HIS reappointment.

As many of my followers are aware I have known for some time about the dysfunctional OPOC, have been reporting on it, and will continue to do so.





There is quite a bit more coming soon, this is just kind of a teaser, Deb Conklin wasn’t reappointed to her current position even though her term ran out on September 15th, 2017, the reason was that there weren’t enough votes on the City Council to reappoint her, so now her existence on the OPOC is entirely in the hands of Kinnear and Beggs. She can stay in her position without reappointment for 90 days and both Beggs and Kinnear are aware of among other things a press for an Human Resources Complaint against her, so this should be interesting. At least Mayor Condon dispatched Rachel Dolezal rather quickly, but for some reason the City Council can’t seem to get it done in Conklin’s case.

At this point I’m waiting for City Clerk Terri Pfister to provide me with Conklin’s response to the certified letter they had to send to Conklin since she simply ignored the first responsive documents request they sent to her about my May 21, 2017 Public Records Request. Yes that’s right May 21, 2017!

Letter to Conklin 1Conklin Letter 2Letter to Conklin 3



I think the gals in the City Clerk’s Office have a pretty good idea that I know prior to submitting a PRR what is in the responsive records, you would think by now that the City Attorney’s Office who carefully scrutinize my PRRs and help Ms. Pfister and Ms. Farnsworth out with the email responses they send me would realize that also.

Anyway, since the gals in the Clerk’s Office kind of follow my blog a bit… Here you go Terri!

The third paragraph of Deb Conklin’s response states exactly this;

“Mr. Breen’s attempt to smear me with the recording of the June 6 OPOC meeting is even less successful. Once again, it is clear from the whole of that meeting that the problem is HOW, NOT WHETHER, to get the texts to the city. There has never been any suggestion, in private or in public, that I would not comply fully with this PRR.”

I hope that will help you find the document Ms. Pfister.

Ms. Conklin, you should probably take note as well, that as far as the two Assistant AGs you were with on your vacation, one since retired, who supposedly “strongly urge” that the City should immediately get a subpoena to serve on T-Mobile, surely, they must know that an Administrative Subpoena likely wouldn’t work in this case, and there isn’t an open Civil or Criminal case. So why don’t you just get the data from T-Mobile yourself as was done in the Nissen case? Also, since you often mention that you were a Prosecutor for a short time, you certainly don’t want to be accused any “egregious misconduct” like the Court held you were guilty of in State v Stephens… just get it done lady!

State v, Stephans Conklin-Taylor


Don’t think the Spokane Police Guild when they agreed to a contract change allowing for an OPO Commission didn’t know that any Oversight Commission would be dysfunctional, they are laughing their heads off again.


Lots more on the way!!!