Shit Happens


But for some unknown reason it always seems to happen to me when sources provide me with information about the truth and I try to corroborate the documents and information I receive through a Public Records Request to the Condon Administration.

***Note to Investigators of the “Intimidation Leak Investigation”, there are some more leads for you to follow-up on in this story.


Most folks know that on November 21st ,2016 I submitted a PRR to obtain public records regarding the highly controversial appointment of Craig Meidl as Chief of Police by Mayor David Condon.


Nov 21 PRR

As I have chronicled in other stories it has as usual been a long-term battle for the Condon Administration to cough up the documents I requested nearly seven months ago. The newest roadblock was this.

Farnsworth 1

Farnsworth 2

Farnsworth 3

I sent Ms. Farnsworth an attachment with a copy of the files in the CD .


As I mentioned it has been a battle and the question is will Mayor Condon be able to hold off until after he is out of office?

This is what was contained on the CD Ms. Farnsworth apparently mistakenly sent me.

Although I wasn’t particularly interested in Officer Jay KernKamp’s driving reprimand, perhaps Law and Order David should have been.

There was one interesting thing however about the KernKamp reprimand and that was the “IA Control”, “No 16-004”.

The 15 minute “interview” (Confession) of Officer McMurtrey I had already received, and got a good laugh out of.


In defense of Ms. Farnsworth, stuff does happen, and when one considers the pressure she is under with Brian Coddington’s extremely close scrutiny of PRRs, to protect his Mayor, as well as the City Attorney’s Office involvement at every turn, mistakes are understandable.