Apparently OPO Bart Logue isn’t a walkover like Tim Burns was because SPD is going all out in trying to intimidate Logue and other members of his staff as well as the OPOC by investigating them as suspects in the “Great McMurtrey Leak Investigation”, and as this goes on Mayor Condon is nowhere to be found because if he put stop to it, as he should, he would be admitting his very own “National Model for Police Oversight” is a complete joke.

Even though the OPO Ordinance clearly says no person should attempt to unduly influence or undermine the independence of the OPO it would be pretty hard not to draw the conclusion that is exactly what they are doing by throwing the OPO into the usual suspects category.

OPO Ordinance

One has to wonder if Logue and the OPO staff are intimidated in any way. It doesn’t appear that they are but the attempt to intimidate must be some kind of a last-ditch effort to Kitty Cat a Lion.

You also have to wonder who the dope was that came up with the idea to jam the OPO, even if they were my sources, which they aren’t, any buffoon would know that once the public found out that they were using intimidation tactics against the OPO all hell would break loose, there are many people in this town that honestly believe that SPD and the Police Guild are completely out of control and get away with anything so how in the world would anyone in their right mind believe they could get away with it?

Don’t give me or the Public the “We had to do a complete and thorough investigation” crap Meidl! Even a rookie cop would have looked at this and would have known from the beginning it was a dead-end case, and jamming the OPO would only make the SPD look worse than it already does. How much time and money have you spent on this farce already? Got wires and surveillance teams working it? Getting subpoenas and search warrants…if so for what bloody crime…Mopery, Malicious Mischief, Indecent Exposure? And you think you need more Cops?

Once you are finished with this stupid thing go ahead and waste the taxpayers’ dollars on trying to find my sources on the other cases you know I know all about, and go ahead and jam the OPO on those like you did with McMurtrey. Is this McMurtrey some kind of a Golden Boy or something like Lydia Taylor was a Golden Girl, or is it because his wife’s father was a cop?

I’m probably the only one that watches this stuff, and even if other media do they probably don’t get it, but if you watch this you will see that OPO Logue clearly and publicly states that he and other members of the OPO and OPOC were under investigation by SPD IA, hell even the IA Boss Stevens was there at the meeting.


I was going to hold back this story until later but as you may have noticed today something made me angry, and it isn’t nice to make an old man angry!


As I mentioned in yesterday’s story I sought information from both Logue and Meidl.


Meidl of course doesn’t have the fortitude to respond to me because I catch him every time, but Logue did.

Logue response 1


I responded to OPO Logue with this.

Breen 1

Breen 2

Breen 3


Logue in turn responded with this.

Logue response 2


So the big question now is….When will I get the OPO and OPOC statements SPD intimidated them into giving?


BTW, it wasn’t the snarky emails between Logue and myself that has got me angry, as a matter of fact it was information I received from sources about some other things going on at SPD…stay tuned!