Nor can I always predict the future, but I’ve been accurate lately and this was predictable. Trying to hide IA Cases from me and the public is one thing, but probably NOT a good idea to hide them from the OPO, of course if you really don’t want legitimate independent oversight of your organization…I guess you can always try!!!!








Maybe I should start buying Loto Tickets? 🙂


What is sad about this is that I warned some members of the City Council that this was going on, and didn’t get much of a response. One member said they would read the information I sent them, and another was “slammed” with some other things… OH WELL….


I bet you thought I only had Ozzie Issues on my plate??





3 thoughts on “I AM NOT A FORTUNE TELLER!!!!

  1. Isn’t Mrs. Meidl in charge of IA? I’m sure she’ll get right on this!

    City Clowncil can’t look at your evidence of IA coverupgames/hidethesausage because they are too busy making non-binding resolutions, renaming federal holidays, and preparing for the next political office they are going to seek. Too “slammed” to do the actual work of the city and the people that elected them. Makes. Me. Sick.

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    1. Yes Mrs. Meidl is in charge of IA, a conflict that is impossible to overcome no matter what stupid structure you come up with. Non-binding resolutions, Religious Registry Ordinances that mean very little except to make a statement and many other things are low on my priority list. Ozzie spent a lot of time and County resources trying to prove I’m a liar and part of that was that that they didn’t supply ICMA with “bunk” data. He even had some retired Deputies come in for his D&P that tried to go into a long dissertation about why the data wasn’t “bunk” that exchange during the meeting was funny. I will use the term “Bunk” anytime I feel the urge, and this is one of those cases.

      Bunk (slang), absurd, ridiculous, nonsense

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