More of the same:

I’m not going to go through all the cool stuff, but notice at 0:01:27 of the footage, when I’m trying to establish from Ozzie what I already knew.

Me: “Is that why you cut property crimes staffing in the Valley?”

Ozzie: “It’s never been cut!”

Me: “Are you short two in the Valley?”

Ozzie: “What?”

Me: “Are you short two property crimes Detectives in the Valley?”


Ozzie: “Not since March.”


At 0:11:42 Ozzie dismisses the two retired Crime Data Experts Silver and VanLeuven he had brought in to back his play. “Gents if you want to go you can.” I bet they are glad Ozzie dismissed them.

We learn some more about Ozzie’s new business, and that he is going to teach Leadership, at least at some point in time. A bit of discrepancy on when his new LLC was formed, it was filed with the Secretary of State on 8/8/2016, and Ozzie chose to have the Effective Date, the same as the date he filed with the Secretary of State…no big deal though, if he and his wife were getting along.

There is some AML (Administrative Memory Loss) in this Episode, but in later Episodes you will see that the memory returns.

There is some stuff about Phil Tyler in this episode, and Ozzie’s perception of the meeting he refers to after the complaint about Tyler’s leadership from Corrections Staff is a bit in conflict with others who were present.

Again, notice that Ozzie makes a point that this video was intended to be Public.










  1. Brian, I know we don’t yet have a whole lot for working history between us,but you can trust me. I have been wondering if the Sheriff and his wife maybe having marital problems? Can you share with me, privately, if that may,in fact, be the case? As, that development could hamper his re-election efforts.And, holy cow, what if she decided to talk!?! That would be interesting… right?

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