As many folks are aware Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich is working hard at trying to emulate President Donald Trump, even to the point of spending a lot of time with his own Twitter account in an effort to pump his own tires and his own agenda.

A serious question arises in my mind whether publicly blaming Former President Obama for Officers Feloniously Killed in the line of duty, and going well beyond that by claiming that Officers are killed because of their skin color, is in the least bit healthy for the racial tensions that exist here in Spokane County.

If you were to follow Ozzie’s Twitter Comments you would see that over and over he blames Officers being killed not only on former President Obama, but also on the “skin color” of the Officers who have died doing their job.

Color of Skin 1Color of Skin 2Color of Skin 3


Although he tries to stay away from using the term “White Skin Color,” it is blatantly obvious, to me at least, exactly which skin color he is referring to. You however, can draw your own conclusions by reading this compilation of his Tweets on the issue.

Certainly “Gabrielle,” someone who is not by any means a fan of President Trump, does a good job of playing Ozzie like a fiddle, as do others who interact with Ozzie’s Tweets.

As for me, when it comes to Ozzie’s Tweets, he fears the fact that it is easy for me to report the truth, but as hard as he tries for it not to, the truth will continue to be reported.


I for one wonder what Ozzie’s friend Phil Tyler, President of the NAACP, or John Lemus, Chair of the City Human Rights Commission think when they read Ozzie’s Tweets.

Ozzie recommends that “Gabrielle” “should consider what’s called looking in the mirror.”

Looking in the mirror


In my view when an elected County Sheriff stoops to trying to play white skin color against black skin color, or any other skin color for that matter, HE IS THE ONE WHO SHOULD CONSIDER WHAT’S CALLED LOOKING IN THE MIRROR!!!



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