I guarantee you that is what my old Robbery/Homicide Partner Bill Beeman would have said to the Chief of Police if the Chief had asked him if he wanted a long motorcade escort home, except Bill wouldn’t have used the word “Frickin.” I’m sure Homer Hall would have said the same, although Homer probably wouldn’t have used the “F” word.

Of course, back then the Chief of Police wouldn’t have even offered a fancy motorcade, or tipped the newspaper so they could have a photographer sitting at the North end of the Division Street Bridge to get a good photo of the motorcade.


I can’t help but wonder also whether the wounded Deputy just wanted to get his ass home and could have cared less about a frickin motorcade.


Bill’s son is a Deputy Sheriff under Ozzie now, and from what I understand is a great Cop just like his dad was. Not to worry though Deputy Beeman, even though your dad didn’t get a motorcade it was one hell of a long time before he ever had to buy a drink. 😊

Bill 1


Bill 2Bill 3


Another Cop from back in the day, Larry Lindskog, who happens to be in Ozzie’s basket of lying deplorables took a bullet, never got a motorcade either, he went to work the next day… but you would have to know Larry and he sure as hell wouldn’t have wanted a motorcade.




Try not to take this story in the wrong way, I’m very proud of the heroism Ozzie’s wounded Deputy displayed that night and I’m sure on many, many other occasions. I’m simply pointing out that times have changed, media attention lately has been focusing on Officers being shot and the truth is overall less frequently than in the past. Clearly an Officer’s skin color has nothing what so ever to do with Cops getting shot. Unfortunately, there are those out there that are mentally ill, or just plain evil that every day past and every day beyond some Cops must deal with. I thank them all for what they do for us and you should too.





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