Several sources indicate he very well may be considering a run. Could that be the real reason behind his move from the Reardan acreage he sold to the rental in North Spokane? Pre-election who is going to run rumors always circulate but this one interested me.

Usually when asked potential political Candidates will reply with a “Yes,” or a “No,” “I’m not ruling anything out,” or just refuse to comment. But Ozzie has his own way of answering the simple question.

Since my information comes from several different sources including some folks considered very knowledgeable in the Political Arena, I thought I would simply ASK OZZIE, so I sent him this email.


Ozzie responded with this:


I still can’t figure out why Ozzie is so fixated on Scott Maclay and me, I’ve never met the man. I feel sorry for Scott Maclay since Ozzie continues to try and link him to a lying deplorable like myself. No Ozzie NOT Maclay. Seriously Ozzie no politics on County email? Okay if you say so.

I try and tell Ozzie the facts and since he blocked me from Twitter, I simply asked for his email. Ozzie of course does have my email so if he really wanted to answer he could.


Well, Ozzie says “If I have it” referring to his email address.



I’ve got several old ones, I guess I’ll have to come up with the new one.


Ozzie says he isn’t with one of the old emails any more.


Ozzie still has that Maclay thingy going, but pay attention to this one because apparently there is some kind of a cryptic message in it that answers my question whether or not Ozzie is running for Mayor.



So I give it another shot.


Ozzie says he already answered my question about running for Mayor in the last email he sent imaged above. I tried deductive, inductive, predictive, and everything else I could think of but I still don’t see where I got an answer.

So I gave him the facts, figuring I would get either a yes or a no… I forgot he was a Politician!



This is the last email I received from Ozzie!


I actually believe I did read all the emails “correctly” and it appears to me that Ozzie simply doesn’t want to answer the question, but you can read them and decide for yourself.

It will be interesting if Ozzie does run for Mayor, if he does I wonder if he will have learned by then that people talk, lots of people talk, and sooner or later things surface.

Since no one has officially announced they are going to run for Mayor things could get real interesting with both the “Rs” and “Ds”.

Ozzie has filed with the PDC to run for Sheriff again but I haven’t seen any new big billboards with his picture on them. His campaign coffers for Sheriff are kind of getting off the ground thanks primarily to the Douglass folks, so I guess if he decided to change course he could move that money to Ozzie for Mayor instead of Ozzie for Sheriff.



If Ozzie does run for Mayor, I bet the guys and gals at SPD will be puckering a bit since Ozzie offered, but was turned down, to run SPD and the SO both at the same time if you remember. The SPD folks will probably go through the Metro Police Department scare they had a while back with Condon and Straub. If Ozzie does run I wonder if Mayor Condon another “R” would back Ozzie’s play.

I’m just a simple man, seeking simple answers, to simple questions!






  1. Very interesting Scott you bring up lots of issues with Ozzie, but I do not agree with ending the scope program, these people do a lot of good things in my comunity for free all volunteers, love the ideas about deputies etc.. I use to do it down south while in the military it pisses me off we the people can’t get deputized like down south, a little training background checks and bam I can help uphold the law and assits the police, oh ya I’m not a big fan of unmarked police vehicles except for deep undercover, the wac code even states this


  2. Try him on his personal cell phone – 951.3437. If, Paula answers… ask for Kay : ) Would it be illegal for the Sheriff to contact a medical school in attempting to get your “best buddy” removed, along with his “private file,” and from the medical facility for attempting to hold him accountable… or, in threatening to arrest him for attending a public function for which he was also invited – a meeting of his Republicans of Spokane County last fall… maybe, I should file a formal complaint on both of these (?).

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    1. I believe the cell number you posted is his County Cell phone, or I would have to delete it. That is the number he uses to try and contact me so he could text message me if he really wanted to. Some people I won’t talk with on the phone unless I have permission to record so there is a complete and accurate record of what was said, Ozzie is one of those people.

      As far as formal complaints are concerned to quote Ozzie “Whatever trips your trigger!” but it seems that complaints against Ozzie don’t get very far … lawsuits do though.


      Your Best Buddy Buff 🙂

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    2. LE gets all the good numbers. there is often repeating numbers like the 34, 37 thing. Ozzie really doesn’t like you very much Scott, but your kind of a political animal that doesn’t care if people like you. I guess I don’t rightly care if people like me either, unless they through my ass in jail because they don’t like me. Then I take it personal. I do think I should have been issued Kevlar being next to you, but then I wasn’t shot, only slandered for being too close to you. Your Best Buddy Tim. Thats a joke Ozzie, me and Scott aren’t best buddies, and our politics are not aligned. Just a little disclaimer as I still haven’t got my Kevlar.

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