About not being allowed entry into the Arena by the PFD while on duty and armed?

If in fact Ozzie was “On Duty” I believe he was right, and the PFD should work with both the Sheriff’s Office and SPD to figure out a solution for allowing armed “On Duty” plainclothes Cops into events.

I would have to assume that The Spokane Chief’s contract with the PFD requires that they pay for proper security which in the past has always been armed Cops in uniform to keep order and protect folks going to the event. I did that for years at hockey games and other venues. Back then of course we weren’t worried about a terrorist, or nut case shooting up the place. There were the very rare occasions when a person with a Concealed Weapons License would come to a hockey game or Concert, another fan would notice they were packing then come to us and we would figure out the safest location to approach them and politely ask the CWL holder to take the weapon out of the building then come back and enjoy the game.

Needless to say, any cop would like to have, trained, and sober extra armed help during a shootout, and I’m sure that is a point Ozzie and others will undoubtedly bring forward. However, most cops sure as hell wouldn’t want an off-duty cop or private citizen who had been tipping a few shooting away during the gun battle whether they were adequately trained or not.

Armed people and booze don’t mix, and that is one of the reasons law enforcement agencies, including Ozzie’s, have policies prohibiting drinking to the point while packing where the drinking might “adversely affect the member’s senses or judgement.” … 24/7 or not. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think Ozzie is a drinker, and I have NO REASON to believe he would have touched a drop even if he had been allowed in the Arena armed.


Firearms shall not be carried by any member, either on- or off-duty, who has consumed an amount of an alcoholic beverage, taken any drugs or medication, or has taken any combination thereof that would tend to adversely affect the member’s senses or judgment.


One or two I guess might be okay for Deputies per policy, but I sure as heck wouldn’t want booze or anything else showing up in a drug screen if possible in an Officer Involved Shooting if I were the head honcho. There is always the UC (Under Cover) Dilemma … how many is too many when you are working a UC Case, and do cops do UC Cases during events? I would hope so, sometimes events are a good place to score for obvious reasons.


Aside from the armed, uniformed, On Duty cops hired by the Chiefs I’m sure there are lots of cops that are hockey fans who go to the games have a few brewskies and enjoy the game, and I think the PFD may have a right to make sure those guys and gals aren’t packing heat. Up to this point, it hasn’t been a problem, or at least no one has had their face in the camera complaining.


The question arises in my mind, and in the minds of others who have been head honchos is whether this big media production was worth it for Ozzie and his Outfit. Unless Ozzie had some Intel from his Confidential Informants that the Constitutionalists or ISIS were planning an attack on the hockey game and he needed to supplement the security already in place at the Arena what was the big deal about him having to walk out to his car/rig and lock up his weapon that evening? To keep from getting in a public pissing match with Twohig, flashing his Molon Labe pistol grips, and going on about the “atrocious” Bureaucrats, isn’t it something that could have been resolved quietly the following day between the PFD, SCSO, and SPD if security wasn’t lax? Many folks think so!


The loser in this situation along with the dedicated folks at the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office might just be Spokane Chiefs owner Bobby Brett, heaven forbid if the PFD decides to up the ante on security costs during hockey games.


What is missing, for me anyway in this mess is the game score. Who won the damn benefit game, and who was in net for the Spokane Cops, Brad Moon, or maybe even Prosecutor Larry Haskell?