I’m having some problems uploading Ozzie/Buff Episode Six, but I’ll get there and hopefully tomorrow!

In the meantime, there lots of behind the scenes things going on in local law enforcement I’m trying to keep on top of.



15 thoughts on “UPLOAD PROBLEMS!!!

  1. The bike was moved after the Ambulance arrived, and moved to a position in lane five. That resting position is were the path that was used in the reconstruction video, and was were Ryan was hit. One other thing is the bike was run over after the post area of the drivers side front and rear door, was hit by what I assume was the body of Ryan, and then the rear tire of the bike created a ramp effect as the handle bars twisted, creating a sudden drop of the rear axel that had gone up about six inches as it rolled over the rear tire. That interaction of the bike or body of Ryan is what caused the open door light to go off. If you notice there was no recorded faults in the memory of the Bosh Computer. The several pages of FF FF FF is hexadecimal for 00, and shows there was no STORED codes. Big difference as the Stored data happens when a non deployment event is moved from the temporary memory in the Seat Belt Restraint system. You have to be real careful to examine the language of the report. It’s an art form to lie while telling the truth.

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    1. should say the resting spot where the bike was put, not were the accident happened. They needed to move the path to make the video work, and the true path was way more acute, and could not keep the tires from sliding like they did. I know what happened I saw this accident. There is no good reason to ignore what so many of us said we saw and heard, other than they thought they could get away with it,

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    1. Generally a “blind squirrel” has sense enough not to make a big media production out of something that is already in the process of resolution. Besides blind squirrels generally don’t sport Molon Labe grips on their on duty piece! 🙂

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      1. I giggle every time I read molon labe…sounds dirty.

        Of course regular people would seek a resolution, quietly. That leaves out Ozman, he ain’t regular; he’s a politician, playing to his audience, to his supporters of tens of people!

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  2. Ozzie vs The Law
    Ozzie should know the rules and follow them just like the rest of us, his above the law attitude should have him in hot water. He is always working and should be permitted to carry his gun into any public facility is a red flag that goes along with the Creech shooting, the boy that was killed by an office while riding his bike… I’m sure there are many more questionable situations that are tied to Ozzie’s above the law reality. If someone or a group of wrongdoers wanted to cause mayhem with their AR’s would Ozzie’s 9 MM prevent carnage, or would Ozzie run and hide?

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