This Episode starts out with some discussion of an Officer Involved Shooting by a Spokane Police Officer which was investigated by the Spokane Investigative Regional Response Team and is currently in the hands of Spokane County Prosecutor Larry Haskell. Since there has been recent discussion concerning the release of Body Camera footage some folks might find this interesting.

You might note that Ozzie refuses to discuss the case, even though the Washington State Supreme Court has held that once law enforcement submits a case to the Prosecutor it becomes Public Record. To be clear, I’m good with Ozzie keeping his mouth shut this time, and I’ve made it known that in my view Brass talk publicly too much about cases.




Then Ozzie attempts to prove that my story about the Mitch Ryals Inlander story was hogwash. What is real interesting about this portion is that any Homicide Investigator worth their salt knows that you don’t release evidence in a Homicide Case until ALL LITIGATION is complete including Civil Litigation and sometimes you never release or destroy it. I could go into case after case where prematurely releasing evidence before ALL LITIGATION, and APPEALS are complete is a huge mistake, one case some folks might remember where that happened is the Kevin Coe case. The Court often will order that evidence in the possession of law enforcement must be turned over to the defense, or plaintiff so they can do their own testing of the evidence, however once the defense or plaintiff has completed their testing it must be returned and again booked into evidence. As any Cop or Lawyer will tell you testing should ALWAYS be done with the original evidence collected in the case, and when law enforcement doesn’t have it they have a lot of explaining to do.

Now good old Oz, in his effort to prove me a liar, has the camera go to his Power Point Presentation (One of the few times), where he replays the video of HIS Expert Jarrod Carter explaining his findings. As you can see from the Carter presentation in making the comparison of the impression of the hat band to the bumper image he did not use the hat Holyk was wearing at the time he was killed, rather he used an “exemplar” he had purchased, or came up with somehow. He did not use the original evidence, because as I documented in my story the Plaintiff had the evidence.

In my opinion you will find “The Shuffle Off to Buffalo” being used in each Episode, but this one was worth pointing out.



Here You Go! 🙂





  1. Damn! Prior to viewing the mega video Ozman Versus The Buff; I never liked the Ozman, always thought he was a buffoon and bluffer, and a not very smart one at that. These videos have provided evidentiary support of my claims. Thanks Buff! I mean, what sort of public servant goes on a 6 hour videoed tirade and then follows up their taped bad behavior with awful comments on a publicly viewed Blog site? The OZ sort, apparently. My worst fears have been substantiated!

    Zero self-awareness, zero self-control, zero self-respect. A. Total. Loser. That needs to GO!!!!

    Hope Chamberlain runs for sheriff and wins! Spokane County deserves better, a lot better. Of course, my first choice for sheriff would be Sam Vines! But at this point, I will support anyone that challenges numbnutz Oz.

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      1. What’s his rabid foaming at the mouth support for Schwering all about? I know that Schwering the SUPER HERO to OZ and pal Andy had some flim-flam thing trying to use his test scores from applying to sheriff’s dept in place of his failed tests for SPD but other than that, I don’t get it?

        Could it be that since our sheriff is always putting on the poor mouth, going from agency to agency with hat in hand, looking/begging for mo’ money, mo’ money to build his fabulous new jail and pay for other cop toys he covets, that he admires anyone capable of putting the screws to citizens; via civil forfeiture? Hence, his adoration of Schwering?


          1. Lol. Not even close, Brian. And damn, you look like you could use some excersize. Can’t be good for your ticker to be carrying around all that weight.

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              1. You seem to be doing a pretty good job of exposing yourself as a liar. Your cynicism of SPD and SCSO is an obvious projection. Not all Cops were/are bad cops like you were. Stop projecting.

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              2. Hey look, here you are as evident by the video.

                People with NPD tend to exaggerate their skills and accomplishments as well as their level of intimacy with people they consider to be high-status. Their sense of superiority may cause them to monopolize conversations[11] and to become impatient or disdainful when others talk about themselves.[8] In the course of a conversation, they may purposefully or unknowingly disparage or devalue the other person by overemphasizing their own success. When they are aware that their statements have hurt someone else, they tend to react with contempt and to view it as a sign of weakness.[8] When their own ego is wounded by a real or perceived criticism, their anger can be disproportionate to the situation,[11] but typically, their actions and responses are deliberate and calculated.[8] Despite occasional flare-ups of insecurity, their self-image is primarily stable (i.e., overinflated).[8]


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              3. Not only are you a coward, liar, and fraud, you must also be very daft. Why the hell would I intentionally delete something I need? I’ll pull them out of spam for you…but that is getting to be a pain in the arse. Again…dump the phony email address, or come up with a different phony one!

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      1. Nailed? Not even. Ozman couldn’t “nail” The Buff even if he had an industrial sized pneumatic nail gun!

        Oh, speaking of guns…

        Had to chuckle at the sheriff being disarmed at the Spokane Arena yesterday! He wasn’t in uniform and thought he could carry into the Arena, the folks at the entrance said, nope. Ozman had to go put his firearm in his vehicle. He. Got. Schooled.

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