Was Officer Christopher McMurtrey disciplined for IA Case C 16-004 by having to work desk duty for a year like Chief Craig Meidl would like to have the public believe, or is it the truth that McMurtrey was off on sick leave for most that time?


I would like to get to the truth, but unfortunately Craig Meidl and Justin Lundgren are afraid to go through another interview with me, so hopefully the MSM will do a good job of getting to the truth.


My readers will likely be real interested in Christopher McMurtrey’s “GoFundMe” Page created by Jenna Fairbanks on March 13th, 2016 after the Investigation of IA Case C 16-004 was “Suspended” and had a goal of $35,000.00.

Insert Go Fund Me 1-3go-fund-me-1go-fund-me-2go-fund-me-3



Meidl and Lundgren would of course have known that McMurtrey would be on extended sick leave right after the suspension of the IA Case… and of course even contributed to help McMurtrey get his back fixed.

Insert Meidl Donation and Lundgren.meidl-donationlundgren-donation


It isn’t out of the ordinary for Meidl to contribute to Cops in need of some help, you might remember beyond Saluting Karl Thompson he admitted donating some money for Karl Thompson’s cause.


It would be nice to know what the truth is, but getting to the truth around here takes some work!


More Ozzie/Buff coming!



  1. “I’m a member of the media”.

    No you aren’t. You are a blogger with a grudge against Cops. And you wonder why you got the BC footage last? You think Meidl is “afraid of you”? Journalists don’t write BS like that. Certainly not respected ones.

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