This Episode may be interesting for folks following the Holyk case including the Holyk Family lawyer who will likely compare Ozzie’s very Public Statements in this video with his Deposition in the civil case, there is more in other Episodes regarding Holyk, so stay tuned.

We learn some interesting things from Ozzie here regarding his perspective on why the Scott Creach cases was settled, his deposition testimony in Creach during which he stated that former Deputy Brian Hirzel (One of the 63 he has fired) wasn’t trained to use the Baton the way Hirzel claimed he did during several interviews after Hirzel returned from his vacation.

We talk about using Grant Fredericks as an expert in the Holyk case, and when Ozzie knew he was being used, this was kind of funny to me, in that Ozzie maintains I lied in my story that using Grant Fredericks reflected on his leadership as well as SPD Leadership.



If you watch Ozzie’s answers to my questions, you might notice there seems be some confusion about whether he found out about the use of Grant Fredericks. Remember at the end of Episode 2 he said Frank Straub told him.

Did Ozzie know about Fredericks before or after the Criminal Investigation was completed? When Ozzie found out that SPD screwed up using Fredericks, could he have showed some leadership and stood up for Bodman saying that using Fredericks was BS?


Notice on the video when Ozzie talks about his discussion with SPD Officer Carr who was the SRIRT Investigator in the Holyk case.

All the above of course and the document images are “Spin” !!! 🙂


Ozzie claims I lied about Ryals asking about the hat in my story, Ozzie says it wasn’t Ryals who asked about the hat, it was a gal that was present who asked about the hat. So, did Ozzie catch me in an outright blatant lie about who asked the hat question? In Ozzie’s world, he did, as for me even if I was wrong about who asked the question, I’m not sure what Ozzie’s big concern is. I certainly apologize if Ryals didn’t ask about the hat, which I would bet he found out about from the Plaintive, but if people want to draw the conclusion that was a lie…then so be it… I’m still not going to eat Crow at this point.





Me: So, everything is true so, far right?

Ozzie: No, you’ve been lying… (Oooops)…you’ve been caught in several falsehoods here.

***For some reason, Ozzie is reluctant to use the word lying or liar to describe me…I wonder why?

For people that have a concern about the independence of the Spokane Regional Investigative Response Team, you might find this exchange interesting.

So, whose expert was Jarrod Carter the final one used by SPD in the Holyk case?

Ozzie: Brian, SPD’s final expert Jarrod Carter where did SPD get them?

Me: Whose expert was it Ozzie?

Ozzie: Mine!

Not so fast, later we find out how Jarrod Carter got the job.





Next comes some of the discussion a few retired Deputies have been waiting for. You can draw your own conclusions on whether Ozzie’s intent was to get some info public on a few of his detractors. It is kind of interesting the reaction Ozzie had when I told him he was violating the law in telling me about unfounded or un-sustained IA Cases. It is kind of hard to tell if Ozzie had a twofold purpose, prove me to be a liar, or get all the dirt he could out there regarding some folks who might not be on his side in his upcoming election. I’m sure the “Integrity First” folks won’t be too happy, and surely retired Deputy Brady won’t be pleased that Ozzie made public that Brady was investigated for having an affair with another staff, a case which Ozzie says he couldn’t prove. BTW I haven’t talked to any of the Integrity First Folks in years…but I will if they want to talk to me.




9 thoughts on “OZZIE/BUFF EPISODE THREE!!!

  1. Bleh…not enough popcorn and butter in the universe to make @13:20 go down palatably: “…nice spin Brian, so let’s walk through this one more time…”. Good grief, condescending much? Unsure which is more irritating, the chip (the size of Wyoming) on Ozman’s shoulder, or his ego (the size of the Milkyway Galaxy) ?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. For some reason Ozzie likes to run the show. He was the Town Marshall in Rock Springs Wyoming, before he went to the Olympia PD, and then to the SO. He is an “interesting” character to say the least. I wonder if someone besides Craig Chamberlin is going to run against him.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sure wish Sam Vines would run!

        @17:34ish…that CI file stuff? Admittedly, I’ve never been a sheriff, never even been to Rock Springs WY and only been to Olympia twice, despite my lack of sheriffin’ bonafides, I must say that it seems to me that the law requires a way to “track” Confidential Informants or else the entire snitch system would get so loosey goosey as to be totally ineffective. And would be at great potential for all types of abuse by people with bad intentions. So for Ozman to claim he has no CI file on ___________ (fill in the blank) I find that troubling. But what do I know? I’ve never been to Rock Springs.

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  2. Should have made popcorn before starting episode 3! Had to stop 10:38 minutes in, at the hatband impression on bumper point, Ozman Versus The Buff: The Saga Continues.

    Need my popcorn with extra butter, just in case THIS is the episode where Ozman makes The Buff eat crow, I don’t want to be hungry.

    Liked by 1 person

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