You will be able to see it on the video, but PIO Mark Gregory mentioned the SIX-hour length perhaps because he had to change the video audio card in the camera once during the meeting and the cards were three hour cards totaling six hours. After reviewing my phone, and the audio recording the meeting was NOT six hours…and was slightly over FOUR Hours not SIX.


There have been questions regarding my mention of Jeff Humphrey from KXLY, in my previous story. So, to clear that up, I was of the understanding that Jeff Humphrey was going to attended the meeting, however he never showed up, I can’t say I blame him and he probably wouldn’t have stayed for the duration any way. When I mention that to Ozzie he again called me a liar even though I told him I had records. To try and demonstrate in the video that once again I lied he picked up his phone and apparently called Humphrey, he says he left a message. When you watch the video, you will see that shortly after that Ozzie is one his phone texting, and you will also note a comment I made about not liking to text. What transpires from there is kind of funny Ozzie of course tries to move on and get back to his liar presentation to avoid the Humphrey issue as he knows from Humphrey’s text that yet again I wasn’t lying. I of course wouldn’t give him a pass and force the issue. Ozzie finally reads the text message he received from Humphrey out loud so it is picked up on the video/audio, and of course the text message from Humphrey confirms my interaction with a Producer, and Humphrey stating he decided he didn’t want to be there.


For those concerned about Ozzie not fulfilling his promise to provide me with the video, I will reiterate I have NO REASON at this point to believe Ozzie won’t deliver on his promise.








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