This email exchange today seems to solidify that I will get the video on Monday. The only caveat I have is that the Prosecutor who Ozzie copied could come back and tell him NOT to release the video, which would be kind of funny. As I have recommended to some people it would be a good idea to get a Public Records Request into the County right away.






4 thoughts on “UPDATE OZZIE MEETING!!!

  1. “He requested all material for his review.”

    There. Right there. That’s Ozman’s out. He will claim he got legal advise against releasing the video. And gee, he’d really like to release the video and all, especially since he made Breen “eat crow” and he’d really like the public to see how he put Breen in his place but gosh, he can’t go against legal advice since there are pending lawsuits and other legal actions in the pipeline. Gee whiz!

    Of course, I hope I am wrong.

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    1. Well, remember it is a public record and any member of the public or other media can get it through a PRR, so I’m not all that concerned about it…besides what the hell just another PRR! 🙂 I always try and anticipate what might happen, and when you watch the video you should be able to figure out what I was doing several times during the meeting. I will tell you this, if that is what it feels like to be “neutered”, I wouldn’t mind being “neutered” again! 🙂

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      1. When will governmental agencies learn? You mess with the Buff, you get the horn!

        Guess we won’t have the video on Monday. But we will have it…after a drawn out PRR fight. Hope you don’t have to sue again?

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        1. I always give it my best shot. Getting the truth out is important to me regardless of the BS I sometimes have to put up with. Nope Government doesn’t like it and I’m used to the good ole “Shooting the messenger!” I also look at it this way…Ozzie can’t send me Graveyard! 🙂

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