Okay folks I just got home from the long-awaited meeting with Ozzie. The meeting started shortly after 1:30 PM and went for about SIX, yes SIX hours. Ozzie did everything he could to make me “eat crow” by making a case that I’m a liar. He of course probably feels he did…but from my perspective I AIN’T EATEN NO CROW. Ozzie had several members of his staff there to help him out. Did it become heated? Well that is something you must decide when you watch the video. The SO Video/Taped the whole six or so hours and Ozzie promised me he would supply me with an un-redacted copy, hopefully on Monday and I will take the time to get it posted in its entirety once I get it… as Ozzie promised, so you folks can decide if Ozzie accomplished his mission.

Interestingly as I was waiting in the lobby, Prosecutor Larry Haskell walked out of the Sheriff’s Office, and we had a nice talk. Haskell is prosecuting one of my old murder cases (Pasco Cop) so I advised him that I had brought along a Potential Impeachment Disclosure form to give to Ozzie if he had evidence I would be an impeachable witness because I am a “liar.” We also talked about the defense lawyer in that case John Henry Browne who is a very high profile defense attorney from the West Coast, and what is widely known that Haskell will likely be appointed by President Trump as Spokane’s next United States Attorney. Larry Haskell was nice enough to compliment me again for the good job on the investigation which of course won’t mean much if I’m a liar. I’m sure John Henry Browne will pay special attention to the Video when I post it.




A lot of the six hours was spent with Ozzie using a display screen to go through some of my stories and tweets one by one pointing out all the lies. But even though Ozzie tried to shut me up I fired away questions, some he answered some he refused. We talked about other people Ozzie also considers liars including one I was surprised he would call a liar Larry Lindskog. Of course, there are several other former Deputies Ozzie also considers liars that were mentioned. I questioned him about his new business Delta Training & Consulting LLC, the sale of his house in Reardon, Phil Tyler IA cases,

his move to the North side, the negligent driving ticket he had Deputy Brian Hert write to a guy that flipped him off, the “bunk” data given to ICMA, the Holyk case, why I say bad things about cops, IA cases against some Deputies whom he named, his efforts to seek criminal charges against Former Under Sheriff Wiyrick and Ron Wright which the Prosecutor of course refused to file, folks like Brady, Reagan, Howerton…and more. Lot and lots of stuff. You will love the exchange between me and the retired Deputy regarding the data submitted to ICMA. We even talked about who Ozzie describes as “my friend” Scott McClay’s IA Complaint against him. We talked about why Jeff Humphrey from KXLY wasn’t there…which was real funny.

Lots of interest in this video and I’ll get it public as soon as I can!

Ozzie even tried to draw some correlation between my using one of my favorite acronyms HSS and Scott Maclay…which I still can’t figure out. HSS of course stands for HILARIOUS SPOKANE STUFF, and without question this is HSS!


4 thoughts on “THE OZZIE MEETING!!!

  1. Wish I could have been a fly on the wall!

    Did you, by chance, ask him about the legality of the phone recording – made in Texas – of that murder witnessed by the victim’s daughter? I meant to remind you of it but forgot!

    Bet Ozman chickens out and doesn’t give you the video.

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    1. I don’t know why he wouldn’t the video is a public record witnessed by several people including myself, and besides there were a number during the meeting he mentioned he wanted the people that were going to see it to know certain things.

      The phone call topic was not addressed.

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