A reporter’s job is to ask tough questions and press for the truth to inform the public! Some do some don’t.

This story shows what should happen when a reporter does his job. Pressing for the truth many times will demonstrate investigative shortcomings or mistakes on the part of law enforcement. Mitch Ryals from The Inlander in his coverage of the Holyk case forced SPD and the SCSO to collect and maintain evidence which should have been collected and maintained from the get go.

As I pointed out in my story below, which really PO’d Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich, Mitch confronted Ozzie with tough questions and sought answers. Mitch of course has a different presentation than this Curmudgeonist Reporter and his presentation works very well for him.



Let’s look at what Mitch was able to accomplish with his reporting. Besides asking Ozzie “Where is the hat?” he wrote a story on June 17, 2016 which included a photograph of the hat Ryan Holyk was wearing at the time of his death.


Mitch I’m sure will share where he got the photos of the hat, if you can’t figure it out from this story.


As it turns out Mitch’s reporting caused a significant reaction on the part of law enforcement that caused back peddling from the original spin.

Here is what happened:


On or about June 23, 2016 Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Mark Cipolla tells Investigator P Taylor to get the damn hat.





Then on or about June 29, 2016 Investigator P Taylor photos the hat.


This is kind of interesting to me, and maybe I missed it but I can’t see where Taylor followed Cipolla’s direction to retrieve Holyk’s baseball cap and place it on property as evidence. Perhaps he tried, and Mauer told him to get bent, get a search warrant, maybe Ozzie can fill us in when we meet. If that is the case and it would have been me, it wouldn’t have taken much effort on my part to get one.

What is even more interesting is Bill Schneck’s request to get Holyk’s clothing and the bumper. I would assume the clothing he wanted surely would have included the cap Holyk was wearing. Taylor in his report states Mike Maurer has possession of the evidence.




Oh well I guess Schneck decided he didn’t need the baseball hat.





Lots of unanswered questions regarding the Holyk case which could explain the word on the street that there will be a multi-million-dollar settlement.


I’ll go to the “Ask Ozzie” Twitter site and try to get some answers if he is willing.


There has been lots of mining of my blog stories lately, including some from California folks…I wonder why???




        1. I’m good with her being in Chicago, Seattle, Fort Worth, King County, Memphis, Hartford, or Oakland, anywhere but here. The one face to face I had with her was when I went with the director of Rape Crisis to complain about a Detective who was continually inappropriate with female victims. She kissed us off of course and about 3 weeks later he did the same thing with a victim in Tri-Cities, different Rape Crisis network, so I find this new job in Oakland about as ironic as I found her job with Urquhart. Better them than us! 🙂

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